Films Coming Soon to Talking Pictures TV, this Summer, 2016

3 thoughts on “Films Coming Soon to Talking Pictures TV – Summer 2016

  1. Sarah Lysandrou 5 months ago

    I am mid forties and have been watching Talking Pictures since its launch, I absolutely adore the channel as does my partner and family the choice of old movies is second to none a very classy station. I have all the SKY channels but very rarely watch or record anything other than Talking Pictures. You have created something unique and very special long may it live. Kind regards Sarah Lysandrou

  2. Mr Josh King 5 months ago

    I wondered if you could email me,and tell me when two movies are going to be shown,ie dates and times,they are,Entertaining Mr Sloane,and Villian,as i love both these movies,and would hate to miss either,i love your channel,it has to be the best channel for nostalgia,also could you tell me if you have plans to show one of my fav but rare comedies,”She`ll Have To Go” which starred Alfred Marks and Bob Monkhouse,if not could you help me by finding out where i could get a copy,and another one was “Go For A Take” starring Reg Varney and Norman Rossington,and lastly,is there any plans,to show,what i consider,one of Reg Varney`s greatest performances,a film called “The Best Pair Of Legs In The Buisness”,i saw this movie in an old movie house in Hong Kong,when i was stationed over there in 1977,with the paras,and without pushing my luck too far,is it possible at some time,to show the great movie,”Hitler,My Part In His Downfall” a classic i have not seen in a thunder of years,infact only once,and has to be one of Jim Dale`s finest,playing the young,and greatest comedians,Spike Milligan,thankyou for continuing to bring Nostalgia,Memories and the Classics back,and making a disabled ex-para and movie lover,very very happy indeed.

    1. Talking Pictures TV 5 months ago

      Hello Josh,

      thanks for your message.

      Have you signed up to receive the TPTV listings, free of charge, in our weekly email that gets sent out every Sunday? – If you do sign up you will never miss a film and know in advance what is coming up.

      This page, shows the coming and recent weeks of listings, on our website, and you can sign up to our email near the top of the right hand corner of the page.

      We acquire new programming every month, but it’s a long process to locate the rights holders and obtain appropriate license sometimes, but, new ‘old’ films are cropping up with every bit of research we do, so never say never!

      Finally, thank you very much for your support, it means a great deal, spread the word!