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What’s On TPTV? Ed Wood’s Night of the Ghouls; Sid James in The Man in Black; Lady in the Fog and The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp


The Man in Black (1950) directed by Francis Searle. Starring Betty Ann Davies, Sheila Burrell, Sid James. Screening Tuesday 23rd July at 9:10pm.

Dear Friends and Supporters of Film & TV history,

As you read this, our FESTIVAL OF FILM in Monmouth is in full swing! Bob has the projectors whirring for our screenings of rare, lost films, and dear Mike is making the tea If you couldn’t make it to Monmouth, then why not make a trip ‘oop North for our next Festival of Film at the Hebden Bridge Picture House on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October? We are pleased to announce that actress, novelist and 'Loose Women' presenter Sherrie Hewson, who starred in LOVE FOR LYDIA premiering tonight at 9pm, will be joining us there! Our Festivals of Film are extremely popular get-togethers and many come alone and leave making a lot of friends. We are a friendly bunch! So don’t be shy 🙂 Click HERE to get your tickets!

Talking of Sherrie Hewson……TONIGHT at 9pm, don’t miss the premiere of our first episode of LOVE FOR LYDIA. Nominated for six BAFTAs, this wonderful series is set in Depression era England in the fictional town of Evensford. Tonight’s episode follows a young reporter covering the arrival of Lydia Aspen who has come to live with her aunts following the death of her father. The episode stars Beatrix Lehmann, Mel Martin and Christopher Blake. Keep an eye out for Jeremy Irons in one of her earliest roles, and Sherrie Hewson!
There are lots of exciting and unmissable films premiering on TPTV this week, you are spoilt for choice!

Settle down on the sofa with your favourite beverage and tune in to the following. We unlock more rare films from the Hammer Vault this week, starting on Monday 22nd July at 9.40am with our premiere of an unmissable thriller THE DARK LIGHT, starring Albert Lieven, David Greene and Norman MacOwen. It was filmed at a rented country estate in Gilston and on location around Portsmouth, and writer-director Vernon Sewell even used his own boat during filming. If that whets your appetite for more thrillers, then why not tune in for THE MAN IN BLACK on Tuesday 23rd July at 9:10pm? Starring TPTV favourite Sid James in an early role alongside Betty Ann Davies and Sheila Burrell, the film is adapted from the popular British radio series Appointment with Fear featuring Valentine Dyall. We have another thriller from Sewell screening on Thursday 25th July at 1:45pm, THE BLACK WIDOW which was also based on a radio serial – Return From Darkness. Christine Norden, who starred in last week’s screening of A CASE FOR PC 49, joins Robert Ayres and Jennifer Jayne in this unmissable film praised for its ‘exciting moments’ which follows a man suffering from amnesia who learns that his scheming wife and her lover are plotting his demise. Our final Hammer film to be unlocked from the vault this week is LADY IN THE FOG [AKA: SCOTLAND YARD INSPECTOR]. This mystery film is directed by Sam Newfield whose prolific career includes over 250 films which spans from industrial films to TV episodes to Hammer films and two-reel comedy shorts. The film premieres on Tuesday 23rd July at 4:15pm and stars the legendary Cesar Romero, Lois Maxwell and Bernadette O’Farrell. A favourite composer for Hammer films, Ivor Slaney, returns to score this film.

Our Hammer treasures aren’t the only premieres coming to the TPTV cinema this week. On Monday 22nd July at 4:05pm, Ray Milland, Martin Gabel and Rita Gam star in THE THIEF, a crime film, which is beautifully shot by the Oscar winning Sam Leavitt. The film was praised as ‘a successful tour de force’ for the teamwork of writer-producer Clarence Greene and writer-director Russell Rouse, and was nominated for multiple Golden Globes, including for Best Drama, and for Best Actor for Ray Milland, and composer Herschel Burke Gilbert was nominated for an Oscar for his score. It’s not one you’ll want to miss. We have another Russell Rouse film for all you night owls on Sunday 28th July at 10:05pm with THE WELL. This film was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Original Screenplay and Best Film Editing and features a fantastic cast which includes Richard Rober and Maidie Norman. If you are after something a little lighter, then don’t miss Kirk Douglas in comedy film MY DEAR SECRETARY on Tuesday 23rd July at 2:10pm. The film also stars Hollywood favourite Laraine Day alongside Keenan Wynn and features a supporting cast that includes crooner Rudy Valee, popular Hollywood actor Alan Mowbray and the legendary Irene Ryan who acting included vaudeville, radio, film, television, and Broadway. For all you Ed Wood fans out there (and we know there are lots of you!), we are thrilled to be bringing you one of the Ed Wood fan favourites, NIGHT OF THE GHOULS on Saturday 27th July at 12:35pm. For those of you who are familiar with Ed Wood’s work, you will spot some recurring characters in NIGHT OF THE GHOULS, including Tor Johnson as Lobo, Paul Marco in the role of Kelton the cop, and Amazing Criswell as himself, all from Wood’s 1955 film BRIDE OF THE MONSTER. The character of Police Captain Robbins also returns, but whilst Harvey B. Dunn played the role in Bride of the Monster, in this film he is played by Johnny Carpenter. If you have never seen an Ed Wood film then you are in for such a treat. They have become true cult horror classics, and so many of you have written in to say how excited you are to see this one.

Another new series comes to TPTV this week. THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF WYATT EARP, which was the first Western television series written for adults and is loosely based on the life of frontier marshal Wyatt Earp. Episode 1 begins on Wednesday 24th July at 5:25pm following our SADDLE UP feature. This week's episode is 'Wyatt Becomes a Marshal' and stars Hugh O'Brian in the role of Wyatt Earp, who was cast because of the resemblance to the real person. He stars alongside Mason Alan Dinehart and Denver Pyle. Featuring a theme song composed by Harry Warren, the series was filmed at the Desilu-Cahuenga Studio in Hollywood.

Here are some wise words from Noel on what’s coming to TPTV 

Calling all Cellar Dwellers! Caroline Munro returns with another brand new CELLAR CLUB on Friday 26th July at 9pm. This week, she brings you another exciting tale in the HAMMER HOUSE OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE. This week's feature length episode is 'Last Video and Testament', which follows a wealthy businessman who is about to undergo major surgery but has a surprise in store for his young wife and her lover... This episode stars the American actress and model Deborah Raffin, as well as David Langton, best remembered for playing Richard Bellamy in TPTV favourite Upstairs, Downstairs, and the film, stage, and TV actor and director, Oliver Tobias. Don’t be late, Caroline will be waiting…


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TONIGHT! Don’t miss a premiere episode of THE FOOTAGE DETECTIVES. This week we ask – do you remember the awful year of 1969 when (DUN DUN DAR!) the 50 pence piece arrived?! And if the thought of that scares you don’t worry… we have a wonderful reel of Portrush in the 50s to calm us all down. We talk Milk tablets, Energen Rolls, Zam-Buk ointment, and… Cat meat? Don’t worry, it’s not for cats or made of cats! Then we are looking at some wonderful reels of the 60s abroad - guaranteed to make you get sun burnt. You won’t believe this but once again someone’s spotted their mum on TPTV! And before you all ask, no its not Princess Di as the usherette! And someone’s spotted Olive in Dixon! (All together now, I ‘ate you butler!) We should start an old fashioned ‘caught on camera’ - maybe that’s a new strand for The Footage Detectives! Well, see you tonight at 5pm, with some great reel film discoveries and a bit of fun on THE FOOTAGE DETECTIVES.


With the new rare treasures unlocked from the Hammer Vaults, if you can’t get enough of them (and we wouldn’t blame you), you can catch up with some of our recent screenings including ROOM TO LET absolutely free on TPTV Encore. To watch our selection of Hammer films, click HERE, or just press the red button on an internet connected Freeview.


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SHORT FILMS, Glimpses and Look at Life

Nobody else offers the unique, and eclectic, range of short films that we do. These shorts may not always make it into the TV listings, so we’re highlighting them here for you. Make a note so as not to miss your favourites, or to set your recorders.


2.20pm - NEW! A 1950s Love Story Set in Salzburg
1953. An old-fashioned love story set in 1950s Salzburg, with some wonderful footage of the Austrian city.

5.50pm - Look at Life: Cool Cats
1965. A marvellous look at the world of cats from the rare to the new breeds, including the fashionable Siamese.


3.50am - Look at Life: Behind the Ton-up Boys
1964. A look at the almost two million motorcyclists in Britain, with a focus on the motorcyclists who are keen to travel at 100 miles per hour and how efforts are being made to stop the ton-up.

6am - Seen at the Zoo in 1948
Made in 1948 we visit the zoo and spend time with the giant panda and the penguins.

7.50am - NEW! What's On TPTV with Noel Ep20
Founder of Talking Pictures TV and one half of the Footage Detectives, Noel Cronin, shares shows and films not be missed at the end of July and the beginning of August.

9.45am - NEW! Eartha Kitt: Just an Old Fashioned Girl
1960. The incredible Eartha Kitt performs some of her classic songs including The Heel, Yellow Bird and Just an Old Fashioned Girl.

11.50am - Look at Life: But Not On Sunday
1960. A look at a typical Sunday in England and the various changes that are taking place.


12am - The Eyes: Pilot Episode
1960. Drama. Director: Ken Hughes. Stars Reed De Rouen, Jean MacDonald & Tommy Duggan. Very rare and unseen for years! The story of a woman who questions her own sanity.

7.50pm - What's On TPTV with Noel Ep20
Founder of Talking Pictures TV and one half of the Footage Detectives, Noel Cronin, shares shows and films not be missed at the end of July and the beginning of August.


12.20pm - Look at Life: City of Air
1964. A look at the various aspects of London Airport with a focus on BOAC and BEA airlines.


4.40am - Eastbourne: Sun Trap of the South
Charming 60s travelogue inviting us to enjoy the delights of Eastbourne, where the sun always shines!

10.40am - Comedy Cocktail
1951. EJ Fancey presents Cavalcade of some of Charlie Chaplin's most famous comedies.

5.45pm - Look at Life: Donkey Work
1960. A fascinating look at donkeys and their ever increasing popularity.


5.20am - Look at Life: Draw the Fires
1963. A look at the railway modernisation schemes taking place and the controversy they have caused.

8am - What's On TPTV with Noel Ep20
Founder of Talking Pictures TV and one half of the Footage Detectives, Noel Cronin, shares shows and films not be missed at the end of July and the beginning of August.

4.15pm - Look at Life: Holiday Camps
1960. A look at the social phenomenon of holiday camps, how they have spread far beyond the British Isles, with a glimpse at the range of amenities on offer.

8.25pm - NEW! A Lifetime Ago with The Baim Collection: This is Malta
This is Malta. 1959. An island of great beauty, history and tradition, this is a fascinating look at the Mediterranean island of Malta.


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Well done to all of you who correctly guessed the answer to last week’s quiz. The fictional town in Love For Lydia is called Evensford.

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