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Dear Friends and Supporters of Film & TV History,
What’s in this week’s newsletter?

  • LAST CHANCE to buy your Cinemas in Snow greetings cards!
  • A lost episode of The Roy Rogers Show on Saturday at 9.30am!
  • John Kelly stars in rare CFF film, Tim Driscoll’s Donkey (1955) on Saturday at 10.25am!
  • New episodes of Look at Life!
  • Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971), Carnival of Souls (1962) and The Screaming Skull (1958) – THREE spooky classics from The Cellar Club on Friday from 9pm!

Thank you to everyone has signed up already for TPTV Encore, our online catch-up service which launches on December 1st. If you haven’t signed up, do it HERE now! It’s so easy to register and you’ll have access to thousands of hours of Talking Pictures TV programming on any internet-enabled device – computer, phone, tablet, even your Smart TV!
One of our premieres this week is Flight – An Anthology on Monday at 11.40am. This fascinating short film comes from the Imperial War Museum and we’ll be bringing you more new discoveries from their splendid archive soon. These include A Yank Comes Home, a look at post-war Britain with Burgess Meredith and Christmas 1945 – The Homecoming Christmas, which shows the country’s first festive season since the end of the War.
We have plenty of other terrific premieres in the next seven days, including new episodes of Look at Life, which take in the contrasting topics of large building projects and ten-pin bowling! Roy Rogers and Trigger gallop into Saturday Morning Pictures in a ‘lost’ episode from The Roy Rogers Show.
A huge thanks also to everyone who wrote to Caroline Munro and The Cellar Club – your replies are now starting to appear on screen so keep an eye out for them. Caroline will also be telling more stories about her career. Even more reasons to keep watching The Cellar Club every Friday from 9pm.

Before we look at all of this week’s premieres, let’s make time for some FILM (AND TV) ANORAK FACTS.

  • Tigon was a short-lived British production company founded in 1966 by Tony Tenser. It produced films of various kinds, but became synonymous with horror films, such as 1971’s The Blood on Satan’s Claw (Friday at 9.05pm) and The Witchfinder General (1968).
  • In 1943, Tyrone Power filmed Crash Dive (Saturday at 6.50pm) prior to joining the US Marine Corps where he became a transport pilot.

Angela Richards, star of Secret Army (Sunday at 9pm), has had a long and distinguished career as a singer and musical theatre performer. She has starred in Cats, High Society and Blood Brothers.

For our FULL LISTINGS for 7 days with full details click HERE.
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For those of you who would like to see a full list of this week’s programming WITH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE click HERE.
For FOUR WEEKS of advance schedules click HERE.
Remember you can see the full schedule for several weeks ahead on our website. On the schedule page, just click on the dates for your chosen week. The first week you are taken to will be the current one, don’t panic just select the next week on the tab!

FOR THE WEEK 29th November - 5th December

Take your seats in the best cinema in the land for a great mix of films. There truly is something for everyone.
The Main Chance on Monday at 8pm. Stars John Stride and Margaret Ashcroft. Tracing a girl in Amsterdam, David fears the girl's companion poses a serious threat to her happiness. With guest stars Glynn Edwards and Estelle Kohler.
The Last Hard Men (1976) on Monday at 9pm. Stars James Coburn, Charlton Heston & Barbara Hershey. Classic Western in which a retired captain is bent on revenge against his old enemy, who has escaped from jail.
Dial 999 On Tuesday at 6pm. Stars Robert Beatty. Maguire puts himself in danger investigating a man is suspected of murdering his wife.
The Amazing Howard Hughes (1977) on Tuesday at 9pm. Stars Tommy Lee Jones. Legendary film producer, inventor and recluse, Howard Hughes, looks back on his astonishing life. From inventing astonishing aircraft, producing The Outlaw and loving many women, including Katharine Hepburn and Jean Peters. (Part 2 follows on Wednesday at 9.05pm.)
Justice on Thursday at 8pm. Stars Margaret Lockwood. Harriet moves to London to further her career and becomes involved with two activists caught up in a bombing. With guest stars Lois Baxter and Raymond Huntley.
Captain From Castile (1947) on Friday at 1.55pm. Stars Tyrone Power, Jean Peters & Cesar Romero. A nobleman is forced to flee sixteenth century Spain and joins Hernan Cortes’s expedition to the New World. He meets the love of his life but is also accused of theft. Look out for Jay ‘Tonto’ Silverheels in a very early supporting role.
Down to the Sea in Ships (1949) on Saturday at 3.15pm. Stars Richard Widmark, Dean Stockwell & Lionel Barrymore. A young boy learns about life whilst travelling on a whaling ship. The boy is played by Dean Stockwell, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 85.
Crash Dive (1943) on Saturday at 6.50pm. Stars Tyrone Power, Dana Andrews & Anne Baxter. Whilst working on torpedo boats, two Navy officers become friends but rivals in love.
Blood and Wine (1996) on Saturday at 9pm. Stars Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine & Stephen Dorff. A man struggling with debt hatches a plan to steal a diamond necklace. His wife, furious over his infidelity, actually ends up running off with the necklace, which puts her life in danger. Features a very early appearance by a young Jennifer Lopez.
Secret Army on Sunday at 9pm. Stars Bernard Hepton, Angela Richards & Clifford Rose. Monique falls in love with a Gestapo officer who infiltrates Lifeline.

THE CELLAR CLUB – Friday from 9pm
9pm. ‘Scream Queen’, Caroline Munro, introduces three late-night classics.
9.05pm Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971). Stars Patrick Wymark, Linda Hayden & Michele Dotrice. A village in eighteenth century England is terrorised by a demonic presence after a deformed skull is found in a local field.
11.00pm. The Cellar Club. Caroline is back to introduce a spooky American ‘B’ movie.
11.05pm. Carnival of Souls (1962). Stars Candace Hilligloss. A young woman is the sole survivor of a car crash. Moving to Salt Lake City, she is pursued by a ghoulish figure and drawn to an abandoned carnival pavilion.
00.40am. The Cellar Club. Caroline is back to introduce our final Cellar Club offering for this week.
00.45am. The Screaming Skull (1958). Stars Jon Hudson, Peggy Webber & Russ Conway. A newly wed believes she is being haunted by the ghost of her husband’s dead wife. Shades of Gaslight and Rebecca in this terrifying horror.
2.10am. Caroline returns to wish us farewell from The Cellar Club and give us a taste of what’s coming up next week.

8.55am. The Odeon Song. There’s no better way to start the show than with a song!
9.00am. Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans. Someone is going to a lot of trouble to convince the townspeople they are being cursed by a witch.
9.30am. The Roy Rogers Show. Stars Roy Rogers, Dale Evans & Trigger. In this newly discovered episode from the 1952 show, an old prospector is set upon by an outlaw gang.
10.00am. The Phantom Creeps (1939). Stars Bela Lugosi. Dr Zorka is pursued by spies, as he continues to elude the authorities.
10.25am. Tim Driscoll’s Donkey (1955). Stars David Coote and John Kelly. A young Irish boy has various adventures with his racing donkey in this heart-warming film from the Children’s Film Foundation, beautifully filmed in Ireland.
11.35am. Trail of the Royal Mounted. The masked Mountie confronts Logan and Gregg in a final showdown. His identity and motives are at last revealed.
11.55am. IWM: Albert’s Savings. An appeal to the public to save for the war effort, in the form of an 'Albert' monologue recited by Stanley Holloway.

The usherette has put the kettle on and there might be biscuits too. Settle down with our choice of daily pre-lunchtime classics.
Warn That Man (1943) on Monday at 10am. Stars: Gordon Harker and Jean Kent. During WW II, an impersonator takes part in a German attempt to kidnap Winston Churchill.
The Net (1953) on Tuesday at 10am. Stars James Donald, Phyllis Calvert & Herbert Lom. A scientist involved in a supersonic flight project risks his life in a dangerous experiment
Now and Forever (1956) on Wednesday at 10.30am. Stars Janette Scott, Vernon Gray & Jack Warner. A schoolgirl falls in love with the son of a local garage owner and they hatch a plan to elope.
Elizabeth of Ladymead (1949) on Thursday at 9.25am. Stars Anna Neagle and Hugh Williams. Stories of four generations of women, all called Elizabeth, who wait for their husbands to return from war.
I Met a Murderer (1939) on Friday at 8.30am. Stars James Mason and Pamela Kellino. A young woman meets a murderer on the run but conceals her suspicions so she can use his story for a book.

You deserve to put your feet up in the afternoon too.  Time for another cuppa and maybe a slice of cake with some fine film choices.
Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1951) on Monday at 3pm. Starring Robert Newton and John Howard Davis. A young boy at Rugby school makes friends and enemies.
Suspect (1960) on Tuesday at 3.35pm. Stars Tony Britton, Virginia Maskell & Peter Cushing. A young scientist's pioneering work attracts the attention of the authorities in this thriller from the Boulting Brothers.
The Reluctant Bride (1955) on Wednesday at 12.30pm. Stars John Carroll and Virginia Bruce. A group of children whose parents are missing are looked after by a womanising oil man and a dignified entomologist.
Escape by Night (1953) on Thursday at 2.40pm. A rare starring role for Bonar Colleano. An ace reporter with a drinking problem tracks a gangster on the run. Co-stars Sid James.
House of Strangers (1949) on Friday at 11.50am. It’s not quite the afternoon, but we knew you wouldn’t want to miss this classic tale of man bent on revenge against his brothers. Stars Edward G. Robinson, Susan Hayward & Richard Conte.

SHORT FILMS, Glimpses and NEW episodes of Look at Life
Nobody else offers the unique, and eclectic, range of short films that we do. These shorts may not always make it into the TV listings, so we’re highlighting them here for you. Make a note so as not to miss your favourites, or to set your recorders.

11.40am. Flight – An Anthology. PREMIERE. An intriguing and unusual anthology of verse, music and film in praise of flying.
9.15am. Look at Life: Ringing the Changes (1960). A fascinating look at the music of bells, from small hand bells to the great bell of Westminster.
11.45am. Welcome to North Wales. PREMIERE. From the 1950s/60s, a trip around North Wales, beautifully filmed with an eye for detail  - wait till you see the fashions and cars!
7.35am. Look at Life: Saturday Fever (1960). A look at the phenomenon of Saturday football through the eyes of Tottenham Hotspur’s keenest fans.
12.15pm. Glimpses of a 1950s Driving Lesson. We travel around the streets of the 1960s Swindon New Town with our instructor in a Morris Minor. Incredible shots of a way of life long gone.
6.30pm. Look at Life: Shape of a Ship (1960). A look at the huge new liners being built, the life of cargo-carrying ships and the exciting future of air freight. With a glimpse at the liner the Canberra.
7.40pm. Look at Life: Over and Under (1960). PREMIERE. We take a look at the thousands of new bridges of all shapes and sizes being constructed all over the country to keep pace with the new road-building programme.
4.45pm. Look at Life: Ten Pins Down (1959). PREMIERE. A look at ten-pin bowling in Britain, the traditional skittle alleys and their modern equivalents.
7.55pm. Report on Litter. Early, possibly 1950s. Public Information Film on the rising concern of litter at Wembley Stadium and in our parks and gardens. Take your litter home with you!
5.55pm. Look at Life: All Their Own Work (1960). A look at DIY beyond the home! We visit a whole DIY town in the Cotswolds and a DIY narrow gauge railway in Wales!
6.35pm. Look at Life: Smashing Through (1959). A look at the exciting world of stock car racing. The bumps and smashes, the thrills and spills that make up this amazing sport.
9.15am. Look at Life: Submarine (1960). A look at life in a submarine and all the varied work that goes on inside.
5.35pm. Blue Pullman (1960). The 'Blue Pullman', a new diesel train linking Manchester and London St. Pancras is prepared for its grand inaugural journey.
8.45pm. Look at Life: Towns By Design (1960). PREMIERE. A look at fifteen new towns being built to house seven million people. We see the progress that has been made with this amazing, large-scale construction project.

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We do love hearing from our viewers and encourage you to send us your emails and letters. Sometimes you set us a puzzler, like Brian Hammond. He’s one of many people who’s written to ask for help identifying someone in our title sequences. In this case, he’s wondering if it’s himself as a boy.
I wonder if you can help me with some information about a clip of the film shown on Saturday morning of a boy in a leather jacket I am 99% sure it is of me. I was hired by the Regal Cinema in Hackney as a monitor as I was working in films at the time and lived in the area. Would you be able to tell me if it was taken at the Regal Cinema it was a long time ago as I am in my 70s now and have no recollection of a camera there at the time?
We wish we could help, Brian. We also get a lot of messages actually identifying people in those title sequences. So far, the usherette has been identified as 112 people’s mother or aunt. To answer a frequently asked question, she’s definitely not Princess Diana!
It makes us very happy that so many of you pay so much attention to what’s on screen between the films!

Congratulations to Jeff Fordham of Bradford. A prize will be on its way to you soon. Last week’s answers:

  1. Jeremy Spenser played Vivien Leigh’s son in ANNA KARENINA (1948).
  2. Liz Fraser played Peter Sellers’ daughter in I’M ALL RIGHT, JACK (1960)
  3. Andrew Sachs played Manuel in FAWLTY TOWERS.

Thank you, as always, for all your support for Talking Pictures TV.
Noel, Sarah and Neill