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It’s going to be a great month on the channel, with more premieres and highlights than ever. More about this month’s viewing below, but first, we are delighted to announce that tickets are now on sale for the Renown Pictures 8th Festival of Film in Stockport on Sunday 4th October 2020, 11am till 7pm. The price for a ticket is £20 for entry to the whole day’s event including films, interviews with the stars, live entertainment on stage and an array of film related stalls. Tickets are already selling fast, so do be quick if you are interested in the event. This year your ticket gives you a dedicated seat number and takes place, as always, in the iconic Art Deco cinema which is a landmark in central Stockport. To book a ticket for this year’s Stockport Film Festival, please click here.

Are you a British Film and TV History Egghead?

Who was Diane Cilento’s second husband?

Where was Frank Marker’s first office

If you can answer the questions above, not only are you a British film and TV expert, but you would also enjoy testing your Film and TV knowledge at our first ever Talking Pictures TV & Film Quiz, the day before the Film Festival in Stockport this October. To keep you entertained for a whole weekend, we have arranged our first Film Quiz, on Saturday 3rd October 2020 at Stockport Masonic Guildhall. There will be two quiz sessions, an Afternoon Tea & Film Quiz, £20 per person (1pm-4pm) and Dinner & Film Quiz £25 per person (7pm-10pm). For further information and to buy tickets for either Film Quiz, (or both), please click here.

Why not come and stay the night before, join us for the quiz, make new friends, catch up with old friends and make a weekend of it? The room will be arranged in tables of ten, so you could come as a group or meet new people the day before the festival. Each quiz will have different questions, so if you would like to come to both events, you are very welcome! To discover more about the Renown Pictures 8th Festival of Film in Stockport on Sunday 4th October 2020, please call FREEPHONE 0808 178 8212 or visit

Those of you with tickets for the Renown Pictures 7th Festival of Film at The Alban Arena, St Albans on Sunday 22 March 2020 are very lucky, as they are now completely sold out and there will be no tickets available on the door. For those of you who will be joining us for the day our hosts will be the gorgeous Vicki Michelle MBE and Frazer Hines. Our guests are Melvyn Hayes from ‘It ain’t arf hot Mum’, every mother’s favourite, Jess Conrad OBE and from ‘Some Mothers Do ’Ave ‘Em’ Michele Dotrice who will be interviewed by the very lovely Jenny Hanley. Dear Barry Cryer OBE will also be joining us on stage and we will be showing two unseen shorts, one featuring Dora Bryan OBE, the other featuring Bernard Cribbins OBE. There will also be two lost British films on the big screen: Who Killed The Cat? a brilliant 60s crime film with Mervyn Johns and Vanda Godsell and The Turners of Prospect Road, a 1947 British drama film starring Wilfrid Lawson and Helena Pickard; both previously lost and unseen since their original release. Along with lots of stalls with film bargains and memorabilia plus a tea room, it’s going to be a wonderful day!
We are also delighted to say our dear friends Brian Murphy and Linda Regan will be officially opening the festival!

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That’s enough about Renown – what’s on your screen this February?

A LOT of film premieres and new series!

Premiere Highlights for February 2020

The Powell and Pressburger war comedy A Canterbury Tale is on Saturday 1st Feb at 5:30pm and Friday 7th Feb at 11:30am and Nor the Moon by Night starring Belinda Lee, Michael Craig and Patrick McGoohan is on Saturday 1st February at 8:05am.

Rockets Galore! – the sequel to Whisky Galore! – and full of Gaelic humour is on Sunday 2nd February at 4pm and Friday 7th February at 2:30pm. Sea-faring comedy, True as a Turtle starring John Gregson is on Sunday 2nd February at 10pm and Thursday 6th February at 2:30pm and comedy musical The Lady is a Square with Anthony Newley, Anna Neagle and Frankie Vaughan is on Monday 3rd Feb at 4.55pm and Thursday 23rd Feb at 7:25am.

Gritty musical drama The Proud Valley starring Paul Robeson is on Tuesday 4th February at 3:35pm and Sunday 9th February at 10:55am while comedy romance Once Upon a Dream starring Googie Withers lightens the mood on Wednesday 5th February at 3:20pm. A first class cast features in To the Devil a Daughter on Friday 7th February at 10pm and Tuesday 11th February at 10pm, starring Richard Widmark, Christopher Lee, Honor Blackman and Nastassja Kinski.

War film Seven Thunders is on Sat 8th February at 3pm and Monday 10th February at 4:10pm. Science fiction film City Under the Sea starring Vincent Price is on Saturday 8th February at 5:05pm and Wednesday 12th February at 3:10pm and crime drama The Floating Dutchman is on Saturday 8th February at 6:50pm and Tuesday 11th February at 4:05pm.

Dirk Bogarde stars in a moving thriller, The Mind Benders on Saturday 8th February at 8:25pm and Wednesday 12th February at 10:05pm and Rock Hudson is the lead in Sea Devils on Sunday 9th February at 7:10pm and Wednesday 12th February at 11:30am. Action adventure South of Algiers is on Monday 10th February at 6:15pm and Saturday 22nd February at 10:30am and George Cole stars in Will Any Gentleman on Tuesday 11th February at 11:30am and Sunday 16th February at 7:15pm. Dramatic thriller The Small Voice is on Tuesday 11th February at 7:20pm and Sunday 23rd February at 1pm and fantasy horror The Reptile creates a scary atmosphere on Friday 14th February at 10pm and Sunday 23rd February at 2:15pm.

British comedy Nurse on Wheels is on Saturday 15th February at 12:40pm and Wednesday 19th February at 5:55pm and classic western Five Guns West is on Saturday 15th February at 2:25pm and Tuesday 18th February at 3:55pm. Oliver Reed stars in The Scarlet Blade on Saturday 15th February at 4pm and Friday 21st Feb at 7:20pm and Glynis Johns and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. lead in action thriller State Secret on Saturday 15th February at 5:40pm and Thursday 20th February at 2:30pm.

True love does not run smooth in Now and Forever on Saturday 15th February at 7:50pm and Monday 17th February at 2:25pm. Adventure film The Ghost of Monk’s Island on Sunday 16th February at 11:40am and Tuesday 18th February at 7:55am makes perfect family viewing.

Crime drama Model For Murder with Ian Hendry and Jane Asher is on Monday 17th February at 10pm and Saturday 29th Feb at 10:30am and madcap comedy Helter Skelter is on Tuesday 18th Feb at 10pm, with Carol Marsh, David Tomlinson, Richard Hearne and Terry-Thomas.

James Mason heads a star cast in Spring and Port Wine on Wednesday 19th February at 10:05pm and Thursday 27th Feb at 22:00 and a revealing documentary about Stanley Kubrick called S is for Stanley is on Friday 21st February at 9:40am.

Christopher Lee is brilliant as Rasputin the Mad Monk on Friday 21st Feb at 10pm and Tuesday 25th Feb at 1.50am and Second Fiddle on Saturday 22nd February at 3:55pm and Tuesday 25th February at 5:45pm is a 50s take on issues of gender at work and at home.

Recently departed Tony Britton stars in Suspect on Saturday 22nd February at 7:20pm and Wednesday 26th February at 5.45pm and Sarah Miles plays Lady Caroline Lamb, eager to succumb to Lord Byron on Saturday 22nd February at 9pm and Tuesday 25th February at 10.45pm. Terry-Thomas returns with Leslie Phillips in ex-pat comedy Spanish Fly on Saturday 22nd February at 11:30pm and Friday 28th February at 10.45pm and classic drama Nicholas Nickleby starring Cedric Hardwicke, Sybil Thorndike and Stanley Holloway is on Sunday 23rd February at 6:50pm and Friday 28th February at 11.50am.

David Essex makes his first star film appearance in That’ll Be The Day on Monday 24th February at 10pm with a cast from the rock’n’roll hall of fame, including Ringo Starr. Blackmail is on the menu in Walk a Tightrope on Wednesday 26th February at 7.25pm and Glynis Johns plays a mermaid in Mad About Men on Wednesday 26th February at 7.15pm.

Sammy’s Super T-shirt is a comedy from the Children’s Film Foundation with an antidote to bullying on Saturday 29th February at 8:45am. Alastair Sim takes a family to task in An Inspector Calls on Saturday 29th February at 3.50pm and Margaret Johnston plays a grandmother reliving her life and loves in Portrait of Clare on Saturday 29th February at 5.30pm.

There are also some new series to look forward to in February, including the epic mini-series, Reilly, Ace of Spies, starring Sam Neill, which begins on Tuesday 25th February at 9pm and continues on Tuesdays at the same time.

New comedy series, Funny Man, starring Jimmy Jewel, is based on the experiences of his father during the early days of the music hall and begins on Thursday 27th February at 9pm, continuing every week at the same time.

Danger UXB returns on Monday 10th February at 8pm and will be on every Monday at the same time while The Flame Trees of Thika starring Hayley Mills and David Robb will begin on Tuesday 18th February, continuing at the same time every weekday.

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