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Dear TPTV Friends,
We’re celebrating the lighter side of life this week, with Peter Ustinov guaranteeing laughs in Hotel Sahara on Monday at 6pm, before Peter Sellers and Bernard Cribbins plan a robbery in Two Way Stretch on Thursday at 6.10pm.
We also have some HUGE news about September on TPTV. Starting on 1st September, viewers with Freeview connected to internet TVs will be able to watch TPTV Encore via the red button via Channel 82. We’ll have more details in the coming weeks on how to access your favourite films and series for FREE!
Then, from Sunday 4th September, we’ll take you back to 19th century Liverpool as classic BBC drama The Onedin Line sails into the TPTV dock!
Sunday at 5pm
Today (Sunday 14th August) at 5pm, Bernard Cribbins makes an appearance!
This week on The Footage Detectives, let's gather round the piano, sit in the saloon bar, grab a packet of nuts and pull ourselves a pint as we look back at the history of… The Pub! We’ve got some special advice on beer with some interesting footage featuring Bernard Cribbins and a young Michael Caine! We look at our first memories of the pub as it was, then we look at the old fashioned ‘works day out’ with some footage of downing tools, grabbing you brown paper bag with lunch in and getting your space on the bus for a trip possibly going nowhere special…
Next week: Trams, Ambulances, Bobbies on the beat... and the Seaside!
We’ll celebrate bobbies on the beat and their dogs. We look at the ambulance service over the years and marvel at footage of old ambulances in the 50s, 60s and beyond. Plus there’s a trip to the seaside and as with every episode, a dose of nostalgia!
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Remember you can see the full schedule for several weeks ahead on our website. On the schedule page, just click on the dates for your chosen week. The first week you are taken to will be the current one, don’t panic just select the next week on the tab!
Monkey Business (1952) on Friday at 8.50am. Stars Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers & Marilyn Monroe. In Howard Hawks’ classic comedy, a chemist’s life is turned upside down after his fountain of youth potion is found by a chimpanzee.
Mouse on the Moon (1963) on Friday at 4.20pm. Stars Margaret Rutherford, Ron Moody & Bernard Cribbins. A tiny country in need of money, convinces the US and the Soviets they're starting a space program.
FOR THE WEEK 15th - 21st August

Take your seats in the best cinema in the land for a great mix of films. Peter Ustinov, Henry Fonda and Robert Lansing come to TPTV and Kessler reaches its gripping conclusion!
Hotel Sahara (1951) on Monday at 6pm. Stars Yvonne De Carlo, Peter Ustinov & David Tomlinson. During WWII, the owners of a desert hotel must think on their feet to avoid destruction.
Wings of the Morning (1937) on Tuesday at 4.10pm. Stars Annabella, Henry Fonda & Leslie Banks. The dramatic story of a marriage between an Irish nobleman and a Spanish gypsy.
4D Man (1959) on Saturday at 12 noon. Stars Robert Lansing, Lee Meriweather & James Congdon. A brilliant experiment turns a scientist into a deadly, fourth-dimensional menace.
Maigret on Saturday at 8pm. An arrogant old lady pays Maigret a visit and tells him about the death of her granddaughter.
Kessler on Sunday at 9pm. Stars Clifford Rose, Alison Glennie & Nitza Shaul. Measures are taken to deal with Mical and Bauer. Meanwhile, Kessler clashes with his old colleagues. Final episode.
SADDLE UP! – Wednesday from 3pm (Repeated on Sunday from 9.05am)
3pm. Saddle Up! Howdy pardners, welcome to this week's Saddle Up with James Stephens!
3.05pm. Count Three and Pray (1955). Stars Van Heflin, Joanne Woodward & Philip Carey. After the Civil War, a reformed troublemaker returns to a hate-filled town to rebuild their church.
5.10pm. Saddle Up! James is back to introduce our second film of the day.
5.15pm. Zane Grey: Set-Up (1960). Stars Phyllis Kirk, Steve Forrest & Robert Gist. A man forced into a marriage resulting in his land being taken, returns years later to claim what is his.
5.50pm. Saddle Up! Before he rides off into the sunset, James tells us what’s coming up next week.
THE CELLAR CLUB – Friday from 9pm
9pm. Caroline Munro welcomes you to another Friday evening full of terror!
9.05pm. Horror of Dracula (1958). Stars Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee & Melissa Stribling. After Dracula defeats a vampire slayer, he pursues his wife, provoking Van Helsing to hunt the villain.
10.45pm. The Cellar Club. Can Caroline tempt you to watch another chilling classic?
10.50pm. Severed Arm (1973). Stars Deborah Walley, Paul Carr & David G. Cannon. Trapped in a cave, five men cut the arm off a companion to live, prompting the victim to seek revenge.
9am. William Tell: The Prisoner. On his way to deliver a message to William Tell, a resistance man is captured and taken to a fortress.
9.30am. Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe: Flaming Death. Emperor Ming sets out to destroy the forest kingdom of Arboria, where Flash and his friends have landed.
9.55am. Go Kart Go (1963). Stars Dennis Waterman, Frazer Hines & Melanie Garland. Rival groups build their own go-karts to win the local go-kart race.
11am. Hello Pirro. The first episode, made in 1949, of what became a hugely popular puppet. Pat Patterson introduces Pirro to mirrors!
11.15am. Larry the Lamb: Mr Noah's Holiday.
11.30am. The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Sheriff's Boots. The Sheriff of Nottingham needs new boots. A village has a new secret to leather making and he wants it.
SHORT FILMS, Glimpses and Look at Life
Nobody else offers the unique, and eclectic, range of short films that we do. These shorts may not always make it into the TV listings, so we’re highlighting them here for you. Make a note so as not to miss your favourites, or to set your recorders.
3pm. Recipe For Success (1966). An informative short film about how Lyons Bakery plan to continue to be a success with their newly developed varieties of jam tarts.
7am. Look At Life: Controlled Landing (1960). Inside the control tower as ATC talk down an incoming Comet in fog, and the 'Blind Landing Experimental Unit' on a Vickers Viking.
5.20am. Laurel and Hardy: Murder Case (1930). Laurel & Hardy get involved in a murder case after the death of Stan’s rich uncle Ebenezer.
7.50am. Look At Life: Common Market (1962). A look at the progress of the European Common Market during a time in which member countries have started to remove trade barriers.
5.55pm. Look At Life: A Dog’s Life (1960). A film looking at London from a dog's point of view, from the family pet to the pampered pooch.
6.15pm. Song of London (1963). Starring David De Keyser, Shirley Abicair, Kim Cordell & Bob Roberts. A nostalgic look back at 60s London with Tommy Trinder and a host of stars.
10.50pm. Plan 9. Short film about the infamous sci-fi flop turned cult classic Plan 9 From Outer Space, directed by B-movie veteran Ed Wood featuring clips from the film and commentary from presenter John Guerras.
4.50am. Look At Life: Down London River (1962). A look into a leisurely journey through London along the Thames.
9.50am. Song of London (1963). Starring David De Keyser, Shirley Abicair, Kim Cordell & Bob Roberts. A nostalgic look back at 60s London with Tommy Trinder and a host of stars.
4.50am. Look At Life: Channel Tunnel (1962). A look into the trial tunnel and a look at all the scientific research necessary.
5.40am. Charlie’s Elopement. Edna's father wants her to marry wealthy Count He-Ha. Charlie, Edna's true love, impersonates the Count at dinner.
8.45am. Look At Life: Harvest of Hops (1962). A look into a typical London family on their annual hop-picking holiday to Kent.
1.20pm. Celebrity Crazy Cricket in the 1950s. Stars Jon Pertwee, Richard Hearne, Tommy Cooper, Jerry Desmond, Edmundo Ros & Wynford Vaughan-Thomas. Filmed in Edgware, Mr Pastry performs various routines & Tommy Cooper bats in his fez.
7pm. Look At Life: Air Hostess (1964). A look into an airline stewardess during her working day.
The Frank Marker Windsor Location Tour
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Led by a Public Eye superfan, the tour is a rare chance to follow in Frank's footsteps and includes a packed lunch, a cup of tea and a bun, a souvenir limited edition map, a set of Frank Marker Fan Club Badges and a mug.
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Thanks for all your amazing letters and emails, please get in touch with any comments or questions you have. Thanks to Paul Blake for his recent email:
Long ago in 1963, while still at school in Wimbledon, I was in the middle of a round of golf with a friend on Wimbledon Common. Our play was interrupted as we approached the 9th hole, close to the Windmill.
Nearly sixty years later, on 21 June, I was watching an episode of the Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre, 'The Rivals', on TPTV. The baddies were now on the Common and the action was moving to a crude shed that had been erected on the edge of the fairway.
And this was why, back in 1963 our play had been punctuated, to allow the filming to continue. We had been requested, very politely, to move briefly out of shot. We obliged and moved behind the shed while the long shots were completed. So, unrealized by movie and tv viewers around the world, in fact to anyone but ourselves, unseen we are standing behind the temporary structure, waiting to resume our round of golf, the nearest I have ever been to appearing in a motion picture!
Thanks for sharing your story of (almost) fame Paul!
If you’re looking for some vintage action and adventure then why not check out the classic Southern TV Rogue’s Rock? The island of Rogue’s Rock was run by Commander Rogue (Clive Morton) and plots included spies, sunken treasure, underwater invasions and an exiled African princess!
All three series are currently available to watch for free on TPTV Encore, just click HERE to start watching the first episode.
Click HERE to sign up for TPTV Encore and watch now.
Remember if you miss anything on the channel, always check www.tptvencore.co.uk because the site carries the vast amount of the channel's output. Everything is available to watch for free and is ready to watch 24 hours a day. All you need is an internet connected device; a computer, laptop, tablet, phone or TV.
Each week catch up episodes of some of the channel's best TV series are added (collected HERE), including The Outer Limits, Secret Army, The Saint, Enemy at the Door, Gideon's Way, The Champions, Edgar Wallace Mysteries, Kessler and many more, as well as scores of feature films, Glimpses, Look at Life short documentaries and Talking Pictures TV Exclusives.
It’s your chance to win a Talking Pictures TV prize, by answering the question below.
Q. Cary Grant stars in Friday’s Monkey Business, but in which English city was he born?
Email your answer to theprojectionist@talkingpicturestv.co.uk  with QUIZ 14/08 in the subject line by 9am on Tuesday 16th August. 
Please remember to add your postal address so we know where to send your prize!
Congratulations to Janet Morrow from Harrogate who knew that Bernard Cribbins provided the voices for The Wombles!
Thank you, as always, for all your support for Talking Pictures TV. Share this newsletter with friends and family and please keep spreading the word about us.
Noel, Sarah and Neill