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Dear Friends and Supporters of Film & TV History,
What’s in this week’s newsletter?

Get your exclusive Saturday Morning pictures badge and Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe DVD
All the Premieres for the coming week (19th-25th April)
Daily highlights and a full listing of all the short films
A new chance to win a Talking Pictures TV prize.
Who else noticed a scene from Hell Drivers popping up in Interpol Calling this week?! Well done to eagle-eyed viewer, Mike Innes, who spotted that the truck chase sequence in the Interpol Calling episode ‘The Heiress’ was lifted straight out of Hell Drivers (1957)!

We Come Along! On Saturday Morning ….. (all together now!) Saturday Morning Pictures continues to be unmissable. This week, that lovable rascal Woody Woodpecker makes his first appearance. It’s the final episode of Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, followed by a rarely-seen interview with the man himself, Buster Crabbe. A real treat for Flash fans. This week we launch the DVD of the full series and an exclusive Saturday Morning Pictures badge (see below). While Flash has now conquered The Universe – do not fear! The planet is still in trouble as coming soon is 50s sci-fi serial, Radar Men from the Moon. Can Commando Cody save the planet? Lone Ranger star, Clayton Moore, features as one of the villains.

if you can tear yourself away from TPTV, founder of Talking Pictures TV, Noel, is on BOOM Radio on Sunday 25th April at 8pm. Tune in to hear Noel talk about his life, his work, and, of course, Talking Pictures TV. You’ll find BOOM on DAB - or listen online on your smart speaker or computer.



Take your seats in the best cinema in the land for a great mix of films. There truly is something for everyone.

Young and Innocent (1937) on Friday 1.20pm. Alfred Hitchcock followed the success of The Thirty-Nine Steps with another tale of a wrongly-accused man on the run. With the help of the local police chief’s daughter, Robert Tisdall (Derrick de Marney), he must find the real culprit in order to prove his innocence. A sometimes overlooked British Hitchcock, this contains one of his most famous scenes, an iconic crane shot (something also used in Notorious). With Nova Pilbeam and Edward Rigby.

FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHT – with Omen 3 – The Final Conflict (1981) on Friday at 9pm.The final film in the Omen trilogy. Damian is now an adult and US Ambassador in London. He wields his evil powers in an attempt to stop the Second Coming of Christ. Can Father DeCarlo put an end to Damian and his foul plot? With Sam Neill and Rossano Brazzi.

Julia (1977) on Saturday at 6.50pm. Vanessa Redgrave is playwright, Lillian Hellman in this fictionalised story of Hellman’s close friend, Julia, who disappears from Nazi-occupied Vienna. Jane Fonda plays Julia. Lillian is asked to make the dangerous journey across Europe to the USSR to bring money for the anti-Nazi cause. But will Julia be there to meet her? Both Vanessa Redgrave and Jason Robards (as Dashiell Hammett) won Oscars for their roles in this haunting drama directed by Fred Zinnemann.

The Night We Got the Bird (1960) on Sunday at 10.10am. The King of Farce, Brian Rix, stars in this unusual comedy. A dodgy antique dealer is reincarnated as a parrot and harasses his widow and her new husband. With Dora Bryan and Liz Fraser.

The Girl Can’t Help It (1956) on Sunday at 3.30pm. Film legend, Jayne Mansfield, stars as a girl with no talent trying for a break as a singer. The story is set against the rise of rock ‘n’ roll and teenage culture. It features, as themselves, some of the biggest pop talents of the day, including Eddie Cochran, Little Richard, The Platters and Gene Vincent.

Upstairs Downstairs on Sunday at 6pm. Thomas has a rival for Sarah’s affections, and a valuable bracelet goes missing. With guest star, Christopher Biggins.

They Knew Mr Knight (1946) on Sunday at 7pm. After taking some unwise financial risks, struggling businessman Tom Blake (Mervyn Johns), finds himself in prison. This has a huge impact on his family. With Joan Greenwood, Nora Swinburne and Joyce Howard.

The Champions on Sunday at 9pm. Sharon pretends to be an addict to track down the source of a new lethal drug. Guy Rolfe and Kate O’Mara guest star in this episode directed by Sam Wanamaker.


9.00am Popeye – Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp (Part 2). Olive Oyl writes a script based on Aladdin. She casts Popeye as the thief and herself as the Princess.

9.15am Zorro’s Black Whip (1944). In this final episode, will the Black Whip’s true identity be revealed?

9.35am Night Ferry (1976). A group of London children thwart the plan of a gang of thieves to take a priceless mummy out of England on the night ferry to France. Stars Bernard Cribbins. With great location shots of 70s Battersea and Victoria Station.

10.50am Champion The Wonder Horse. Sandy investigates Ricky's wild tale of a medicine show operator hiding a small boy.

11.20am Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940). Flash and his comrades wage all-out war against Ming to rescue Dale and Professor Zarkoff.

11.45am Meet Flash Gordon in Person - Interview with Buster Crabbe (1970). Hear how he got the part, how many hours it took to film each episode and more behind the scenes secrets.

11.50am Woody Woodpecker: Pantry Panic. Woody fails to go South for the winter, leaving him vulnerable to a starving cat.


The usherette has put the kettle on and there might be biscuits too. Settle down with our choice of daily pre-lunchtime classics.

Laxdale Hall (1952) on Monday at 8am. Car owners in a remote Scottish village refuse to pay road tax until a proper road has been built. Starring Ronald Squire, Fulton Mackay & Prunella Scales.

Seven Thunders (1957) on Tuesday at 10.30am. Escaping British prisoners of war hide out in Nazi-occupied France. Stars Stephen Boyd and James Robertson Justice.

Clockwise (1986) on Wednesday at 10.30am. John Cleese is a headmaster who runs his school by the clock – until one little slip destroys his schedule. With Penelope Wilton & Alison Steadman.

Night Without Stars (1951) on Thursday at 10.30am. David Farrar stars as a partially-sighted Englishman who retires to the Riviera where he falls for a French widow. With Nadia Gray.

The Duke Wore Jeans (1958) on Friday at 7.30am. Tommy Steele is a Cockney lad who looks just like a local duke. He is sent to the palace to woo a rich princess.


You deserve to put your feet up in the afternoon too. Time for another cuppa and maybe a slice of cake with some fine film choices.

Inn for Trouble (1960) on Monday at 12.15pm. Based on the hit TV series, The Larkins. Peggy Mount and David Kossoff are given a pub to run but face many problems.

Who Killed the Cat? (1966) on Tuesday at 2.10pm. A widow persecutes three old ladies, but fate takes its revenge in this unusual thriller, starring Mary Merrall and Mervyn Johns.

Noose for a Lady (1953) on Wednesday at 12.30pm. Dennis Price, Rona Anderson & Ronald Howard star in this complex whodunit with a brilliantly nerve-racking climax.

Born of the Sea (1949) on Thursday at 4.30pm. A baby is found alone in a boat at sea. Where is he from? This charming portrait of a Cornish coastal community stars Dorothea Paul.

Notorious (1946) on Friday at 3pm. A woman is asked to spy on a group of Nazis in South America, but how far will she have to go? One of Hitchcock’s finest thrillers, starring Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant and Claude Rains.


Nobody else offers the unique, and eclectic, range of short films that we do. These shorts may not always make it into the TV listings, so we’re highlighting them here for you. Make a note so as not to miss your favourites, or to set your recorders.


Talkies Presents: The 1930s Studios at 10.30am. What was happening in the British studios? And why were the Americans a large part of the British Film Industry?

Laurel and Hardy Musical Moments at 5.15pm. Join the screen’s greatest comedy duo as we celebrate all their best “musical moments” in this 8mm short film from Walton films.

Glorious Devon in the 50s at 6.40pm. Made by The Devonshire Coaching Company to promote the wonders of glorious Devon. From cream teas to Punch and Judy on the beach. (Also showing on Saturday at 1.55pm.)


Danger Trail (1951) at 7.20am. When the outlaw El Toro saves Hopalong Cassidy’s life, Hoppy agrees to find his missing grandson.


The Pale-Faced Girl (1968) at 6am. Fidelma Murphy, Kevin McHugh and Tony Rohr star in this short drama. It's Saturday night in Dublin, and Mick is attempting to chat up Cecilia.

One Man, One Dog (1971) at 8am. Filmed at Scotland Yard, this insightful film shows us the work of police dogs and their handlers.

Four-Legged Lightning (1938) at 6.30pm. Short film on the care of greyhounds being kept for racing. From birth to the big day on the track.


Goodness! A Ghost! (1940) at 6am. Harry’s grandfather’s spirit inhabits his old policeman’s uniform, which is being used in an amateur play.

IWM: Go To Blazes (1942) at 7.50pm. There’s a right way and a wrong way to deal with incendiary bombs, as demonstrated by Will Hay, Muriel George and Thora Hird.


Rollercoaster at 12 noon. Experience the thrill of an early British rollercoaster first hand.

Let’s All Go to Margate (1970) at 6.35pm. Michael Aspel shows us the joys of Margate as a family holiday destination, including an appearance from Mike and Bernie Winters!


IWM: The Dawn Guard (1941) at 8.50pm. Home Guard volunteers Bernard Miles and Percy Walsh discuss the causes of war and their hopes for the peace. Directed by Roy Boulting.


Tune in to the popular podcast for news, views and reviews of upcoming films and shows on your favourite channel. To listen, click HERE


It’s your chance to win a Talking Pictures TV prize. Email your answers to sarah@talkingpicturestv.co.uk with QUIZ 18/04 in the subject line by 9am on Tuesday 20th April. A winner will be drawn from all the correct answers we receive. Don’t forget to include your postal address so we can send you your prize if you’re the lucky winner.

1) Rossano Brazzi, star of Omen 3 – The Final Conflict (Friday at 9pm), starred in the film of which Rodgers and Hammerstein musical?

2) Joan Greenwood, star of They Knew Mr Knight (Sunday at 7pm), was married to which British actor, also a regular face on Talking Pictures TV?

3) Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious (Friday at 3pm) is set largely in which South American country?


Congratulations to Nigel Meek of Beacons Bottom. A prize will be on its way to you soon. The answers were:

The Stars Look Down
The White Unicorn
The Man In Grey
And the star who linked them all was Margaret Lockwood.

Noel, Sarah and Neill