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Dear Friends and Supporters of Film and TV History

Take your seats in your own private cinema because we have a huge selection of premieres for you this week. And we mean HUGE!

Here at Talking Pictures TV we are committed to bringing you the very best classics and we are also very proud that Noel has managed to license some of the films produced by the British National Films Company, formed in 1934 by J. Arthur Rank. There are some real rarities in there and this is a real coup for Talking Pictures TV. Some of these great films will premiere this week, including One of Our Aircraft is Missing and The Ghosts of Berkeley Square


We get lots of messages from you, our viewers, telling us what you’d like to see next on the channel. We do take note of all your suggestions, and we wish we could show everything. If only it was that simple. As you can see, everything we show has to be researched, licensed, and paid for(!). What is available for licensing is outside our control, alas. Rest assured, we never miss an opportunity whenever one comes our way.


The winner of last week’s crossword was Geoff Scott from the Isle of Wight, who correctly identified the hidden film as Timeslip. Please get in touch, Geoff, with your address, so we can send you your prize.

This week, we have a new quiz for you. Read to the end to find the questions. 

DAME DIANA RIGG (1938-2020)

Like so many of you, we were very sad to hear of the passing of Dame Diana Rigg, truly one of the greats of stage and screen. Her long and varied career encompassed Shakespeare, Sondheim, James Bond and one of the most iconic TV roles of all time, Emma Peel in The Avengers. On October 1st, Talking Pictures TV will present its own tribute to Dame Diana, when we premiere The Assassination Bureau at 10pm. Released the same year as her Bond outing, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, this shows Dame Diana at her comic best.


Girl in a Taxi is a musical comedy gem, and having found ourselves a copy, we are so happy to be showing it for the first time on Monday at 9.30. Based on a long-running stage musical, the film stars American singer and dancer, Frances Day. One not to miss.

We stay with a car theme at 4pm on MondayAll That is England is a look at those classic 1930s Austins, from the game-changing 7 to the Ascot.

Tuesday’s premieres take us on our travels to two beautiful and contrasting places. At 6am, we’re off to Lugano – Pearl of Southern Switzerland. Take a look at this glorious lakeside town, filled with Italian influences. It’s A Wandering in the West we goat 8.05am, for a 1938 trip around Scotland. A must for car and steam enthusiasts. These glorious shorts don’t usually feature in TV listings, so make a note not to miss them.

We’re off then, on Wednesday, to the seamier side of Marseille, with Billy Dee Williams in 1973’s Hit! at 10pm. A federal agent, bitter over the death of his daughter, recruits a motley crew to travel to France with him and smash a drugs ring in this rarely-seen 70s classic.

The Assassination Bureau (1969) airs on Thursday at 10pm. The late Diana Rigg stars as a crusading early 20th century journalist, alongside Oliver Reed. To bring about the end of an organisation paid to kill people, she must hire the same organisation to kill its own chairman. Directed by Basil Dearden, this black comedy romp sees our stars travel across Europe, saving the lives of the great and the good on the way.

The always watchable Joan Leslie heads the cast of Flight Nurse (1953)at 2.30pm on Friday. Made with the help of the US Department of Defence, the film tells the story of the brave nurses working on the front line during the Korean War. Co-stars Forrest Tucker.

We’re back in the Korean War with Submarine Command (1951)on Saturday at 1.40pm. William Holden reunites with his Sunset Boulevard co-star, Nancy Olson, in one of the first films to highlight combat stress. 

Saturday at 3.25pm brings the first of our British National acquisitions, and a real classic. One of Our Aircraft is Missing (1942) follows the crew of a Wellington Bomber forced to bail out over the Netherlands and helped home by the Dutch Resistance. Made by Powell & Pressburger under the auspices of the Ministry of Information, it features an all-star cast. The crew includes Eric Portman, Godfrey Tearle and The Mind of Mr JG Reeder’s Hugh Burden. The feisty Resistance is personified by Pamela Brown, in her first film, and Googie Withers, in a career-changing first straight role.

At 7.30pm on Saturday, there’s more from British National. The Seventh Survivor is another wartime story, of spies and counter-spies. When a ship is torpedoed, the survivors struggle to work out who is on whose side. Stars Austin Trevor, Linden Travers and former silent screen star, John Stuart.

Hollywood in the 1930s is the setting for The Day of The Locust (1975)at 9.05pm on Saturday. In the middle of the Golden Age of Hollywood, a group of people whose dreams have been crushed go off the rails. Donald Sutherland leads the cast, which also features genuine Golden Age star, Burgess Meredith.

A veritable parade of top-class British character actors, led by Robert Morley and Felix Aylmer, shine in The Ghosts of Berkeley Square at 3.50pm on Sunday. 50 Berkeley Square long held the reputation as London’s most haunted building. That reputation inspired this story of two incompetent 18th century soldiers condemned to haunt a Mayfair residence. Some excellent special effects for the time.

In 1958, two of cinema’s greats paired to make Teacher’s Pet, showing on Sunday at 6.10pm. Doris Day is the journalism lecturer whose classes are attended by cynical reporter, Clark Gable. Despite his ‘school of life’ approach to his craft, he finds himself falling for his young tutor.

Phew, we’re exhausted just reading that list of full-on gems premiering this week. Why go anywhere else, when you have all this to look forward to? And is if that wasn’t enough, check out our selection of highlights for the week too.

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In addition to our premieres, stay tuned for an unrivalled feast of classic film and television.


MORNING: Fire Over England (1937)at 6am. Laurence Olivier stars with Vivien Leigh in this classic tale of an undercover spy in the Spanish court. Flora Robson is a dazzling Queen Elizabeth I.

AFTERNOON:Miranda (1948)at 4.25pmGlynis Johns is the eponymous mermaid who turns a doctor’s life upside down when he brings her home to London. Co-stars Googie Withers and Griffith Jones.

EVENING: The Raging Moon (1971)at 11pm. A beautiful, touching story of two young disabled people who find courage in their love for each other. Stars Malcolm McDowell and Nanette Newman.


MORNING: A Man About the House (1947)at 10.25 am. NOT the sitcom, but a tale of passion and desire as two English sisters inherit their rich uncle’s estate near Naples. With Margaret Johnston and Kieron Moore.

AFTERNOON: Eating Out With Tommy Trinder (1941)at 2.30pm. A short film from our IWM collection in which the star comedian introduces the new style of British restaurant.

EVENING: No Sex Please, We’re British (1973)at 10pm. Based on the legendary West End farce, Ronnie Corbett stars as the bank employee who takes delivery of a package he thinks is his new calculator, but which contains something quite different indeed! Co-stars Arthur Lowe.


MORNING: Gert & Daisy’s Weekend (1942)at 7.45am. Those redoubtable sisters are put in charge of some tearaway evacuees.

AFTERNOON: We Joined The Navy (1962) at 2.30pm. Kenneth More as a Naval commander whose crew run foul of a US admiral, played by Lloyd Nolan. Directed by Wendy Toye.

EVENING: The Mind of Mr JG Reeder at 9pm. It’s episode two of the Jazz Age crime series based on stories by Edgar Wallace. Can Mr Reeder finally catch the forger who constantly outwits him? 


MORNING: The Fallen Idol (1948)at 10.10am. This Carol Reed-directed classic stars Ralph Richardson as the flawed servant who appears to be a hero to his young charge, played brilliantly by Bobby Henrey.

AFTERNOONDown Among the Z Men (1952)at 4.35pm. It’s the original quartet of Goons (Milligan, Secombe, Sellers and Bentine) providing the lunacy in this tale of a lost secret formula.

EVENING: Public Eye at 9pm. Frank Marker is once again on the case in one of our viewers’ favourite series. This time he’s looking for a runaway star-struck teenager. Stars Alfred Burke.


MORNING: I Remember Mama (1948)at 11.20am. Irene Dunne garnered the last of her five Oscar nominations as the warm-hearted matriarch of a Norwegian family in early 20th century San Francisco.

AFTERNOON: Some People (1962)at 4.20pm. It’s Kenneth More again, as a youth leader in a film made to promote the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

EVENING: Out of Season (1975)at 11.10pm. A man returns to his old flame after 20 years, but her daughter also has her sights set on him. Stars Vanessa Redgrave and Susan George.


MORNING: Midnight is a Place at 9am. The family series continues. Our young heroes fall foul of a bullying villain.

AFTERNOON: One of Our Aircraft is Missing at 3.25pmThe classic Powell & Pressburger war film premieres (see above).

EVENING: White Mischief (1988)at 11.55pm. Greta Scacchi and Charles Dance star. Murder and intrigue in the British community in 1940s Kenya.


MORNING : Fire Maidens from Outer Space (1956)at 7.20am. Spacemen land on one of Jupiter’s moons and find it populated by beautiful young women. Stars Harry Fowler.

AFTERNOON: Crooks Tour (1941) at 12.15pm. That loveable duo, Charters and Caldicott are mistaken for German agents and end up in danger. Co-stars Greta Gynt.

EVENING: Up the Junction (1967)at 10pm. Suzy Kendall is the Chelsea girl who rejects her upper-class life to work in a sweet factory across the river. With Maureen Lipman and Dennis Waterman.

Don’t forget that there’s classic TV on every day, including Together at 2pm every weekday and Rumpole of the Bailey every day at 2.55am for all you night owls.


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As you know, we love receiving all your emails, do please keep them coming. Here, viewer Michael Nicholson recalls his cinema-going days.

Apart from the rare outing to Woking to see The Malta Story, the Odeon in Godalming was the main focus of attention. A film show in those days was more of a complete evening out, with a feature film, a B Movie, a Cartoon, Trailers, Pearl & Dean advertisements, ‘Tips with Jean Hill’ and, in the earlier days, a live organist. The many intervals allowed for the purchase of Kia Ora orange squash or ice creams from the usherette. The prevailing hope was that the whole show should be over by 22:20 hours at the latest, allowing time to belt across the road to the Richmond Arms for a couple of beers before closing time (Last Orders being 22:30 hours). Where a film strayed beyond the hoped-for finishing time, skiving off before the playing of the National Anthem was a must. On mission complete the party would cross the road to Lawrence’s to fill its boots with fish and chips.

Ooh, fish and chips on the way home from the flicks. Takes you back, doesn’t it?


Send your answers to us at with QUIZ (27/09) in the subject line by 9am on Wednesday 30th September and we’ll pick one winner to receive a Talking Pictures prize.

1. You can see Elsie and Doris Waters as Gert and Daisy on Wednesday at 7.45am. But who was their famous brother?
2. Vivien Leigh stars in Fire Over England on Monday at 6am.
Which city was she born in?
3. Crooks Tour (Sat 12.15pm) features the cricket-loving Charters and Caldicott. In which film did the characters make their debut?

We look forward to receiving all your entries.

Thanks to all of you, as ever, for your constant support for Talking Pictures TV. It means a lot to us. Please keep spreading the word. Share this newsletter with friends and family and get them to sign up. Tell all your Facebook friends and share with any groups you are members of. We can’t wait to welcome more of you to the Talking Pictures family. 

With very best wishes

Sarah, Noel and Neill