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Dear Friends and Supporters of Film & TV History, 

What’s in this week’s newsletter?

  • The EXCLUSIVE Talking Pictures TV Calendar 2022 is here! Get yours NOW, before they sell out!
  • All your premieres from 11th to 17th October!
  • The Cellar Club brings you THREE late-night classics, with stars including James Hayter and Peter Cushing!
  • NEW episodes of Look at Life!

DIAL 999, with Robert Beatty, coming soon! 


The EXCLUSIVE Talking Pictures TV Calendar 2022 is now available and still at the same price as last year! Only £10 with free UK postage!

This wonderful tribute to British film and entertainment is a pleasure to look at and makes a wonderful gift. The calendars are only available from us and sell out every year, so don’t delay, grab yours today and support the channel you love!
• Bigger boxes for important dates and appointments.
• Stars’ birthdays and interesting facts about the Film & TV industry.
• All proceeds go towards supporting Film & TV history.
• Annual events and public holidays included.
• Photos of stars you know and love.
• Limited edition.

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Coming soon to your favourite channel - DIAL 999. Unseen for decades, this 1950s crime series stars Robert Beatty as a Canadian Mountie on detachment to Scotland Yard. The many amazing guest stars include Talking Pictures’ favourites, Patrick Troughton, Russell Napier and Sydney Tafler. The behind the camera talent was top-notch too. The writers included Brian Clemens, best known for his work on The Avengers, with episodes directed by Bernard Knowles and Terence Fisher. Make a date for episode one on Tuesday 19th October at 6pm and watch Robert Beatty get his man!
There’s a dazzling array of stars in this week’s premieres. See Bob Hoskins and Michael Caine in gangster classic, Mona Lisa (1986) on Saturday at 9pm
There are big laughs with Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers in Monkey Business (1952) on Sunday at 7pm. The Cellar Club on Friday at 9pm includes a rare starring role for James Hayter in Four-Sided Triangle.
Don’t miss episode 2 of Phantom Creeps, part of Saturday Morning Pictures. This serial stars legendary horror actor, Bela Lugosi, in a prototype mad scientist role. Get your Kia-Ora and your gobstoppers and catch it on Saturday at 9.35am.


  • John Standing, who guests as an aristocrat in The Main Chance, is a real-life blue blood. His full name and title are John Ronald Leon, 4th Baronet, a title he inherited from his father. His mother was actress, Kay Hammond, of Blithe Spirit fame.
  • Roy Kellino, director of Monday’s Four Star Playhouse, started his career as a film cameraman. He was the first husband of Pamela Kellino, who later married James Mason

Man on a Tightrope (Saturday at 3.50pm) is based on the real story of the members of the East German Circus Brumbach, who escaped to the West. Members of that circus play versions of themselves in the film.

For our FULL LISTINGS for 7 days with full details click HERE.
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For those of you who would like to see a full list of this week’s programming WITH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE click HERE.
For FOUR WEEKS of advance schedules click HERE.
Remember you can see the full schedule for several weeks ahead on our website. On the schedule page, just click on the dates for your chosen week. The first week you are taken to will be the current one, don’t panic just select the next week on the tab!


Take your seats in the best cinema in the land for a great mix of films. There truly is something for everyone.
Four Star Playhouse: Uncle Fred Flits By on Monday at 11.35am. Stars David Niven. Uncle Fred, reluctantly accompanied by his nephew, disrupts the lives of a suburban family.
The Main Chance on Monday at 8pm.Stars John Stride and Anna Palk. Sarah is back and needs David’s help in divorcing her aristocratic husband. With guest stars, John Standing and George Baker.
Justice on Thursday at 8pm. Stars Margaret Lockwood. A gangster is intimidating former associates into not giving evidence. Harriet helps the son of one of those living in fear. With guest star, Richard Beckinsale.
Guadalcanal Diary (1943) on Saturday at 2pm. Stars Preston Foster, Lloyd Nolan, Richard Conte & Anthony Quinn. There’s an all-star cast in this classic war film which looks at the lives of the US Marines involved in a key battle.
Man on a Tightrope (1953) on Saturday at 3.50pm. Stars Fredric March, Terry Moore & Gloria Grahame. Based on a true story. In Cold War Czechoslovakia, a circus may be harbouring a spy.
Mona Lisa (1956) on Saturday at 9pm. Stars Bob Hoskins, Cathy Tyson and Michael Caine. An ex-con becomes driver to a glamorous call girl and starts to fall in love with her. She is playing a dangerous game, though, and he gets caught up in her scheme.
Keep on Burning: The Story of Northern Soul (2012) on Sunday at 2.10pm. In 1970s, the Wigan Casino was home to a music phenomenon which became known as Northern Soul. This documentary looks back at the music and the people involved. Casino owner, Russ Winstanley and DJ Tony Blackburn are among those interviewed.
Mister 880 (1950) on Sunday at 4.10pm. Stars Burt Lancaster, Dorothy McGuire & Edmund Gwenn. A counterfeiter cleverly evades the authorities for years, by only producing one-dollar bills and spending them in small quantities.
Monkey Business (1952) on Sunday at 7pm. Stars Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers & Marilyn Monroe. A scientist believes he has created a formula for eternal youth. But an errant chimpanzee is responsible and the results are very unexpected! Howard Hawks directed this classic comedy which features an early appearance by Marilyn Monroe.
Secret Army on Sunday at 9pm. Stars Bernard Hepton, Jan Francis and Clifford Rose.  Major Brandt receives an article by an escaped US airman, which he thinks contains information he can use to uncover the members of Lifeline.

THE CELLAR CLUB – Friday from 9pm

9pm. ‘Scream Queen’, Caroline Munro, introduces three late-night classics, including one of her own films!
9.05pm. Four-Sided Triangle (1953). Stars Barbara Payton, James Hayter & Stephen Murray. Two scientists create a replica of a woman they are both in love with in this dark sci-fi. Directed by the great Terence Fisher.
10.45pm. The Cellar Club. Caroline is back to introduce a rarely-seen 50s sci-fi shocker.
10.50pm. The Indestructible Man (1956). Stars Lon Chaney. An executed criminal is revived by an unethical doctor and goes on the rampage.
00.15am. The Cellar Club. Caroline is back to introduce our final Cellar Club offering for this week.
00.20am. The Devil’s Men (1976). Stars Donald Pleasance and Peter Cushing. A priest attempts to save the lives of young people kidnapped by a satanic cult.
2.20am. Caroline returns to wish us farewell from the Cellar Club and give us a taste of what’s coming up next week.

9am. The ABC minors Song. The perfect way to start the morning, with a song.
9.05am. Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans. Lon Chaney and John Hart star in this classic 50s TV series based on the novel, Last of the Mohicans. Filmed in Canada, this Western series was praised for its historical accuracy and authenticity.
9.35am. The Phantom Creeps (1939). Stars Bela Lugosi. Dr Zorka swears to take revenge against society, having discovered new forces to create his weapons from.
10.00am. Pop Pirates (1984). Stars Roger Daltrey, George Sweeney & Christopher Beeny. A schoolboy band enters a talent contest, but the singer becomes involved in his uncle’s video piracy scheme. Great location shots of Brighton.
11.10am. Dick Tracy (1937). Stars Ralph Byrd & Kay Hughes. Our hero is still on the trail of the Spider Gang.11.35am. Trail of the Royal Mounted. Billy is taken hostage by Gregg’s gang, but The Mystery Trooper saves Helen who meets up with Logan – however both are soon in danger again.

The usherette has put the kettle on and there might be biscuits too. Settle down with our choice of daily pre-lunchtime classics.
Sabotage (1937) on Monday at 10am. Stars Sylvia Sidney, Oskar Homolka & John Loder. A Scotland Yard undercover detective is on the trail of a saboteur in pre-war London. A Hitchcock classic.
English Without Tears (1944) on Tuesday at 10.20am. Stars Michael Wilding, Lilli Palmer & Margaret Rutherford. The daughter of the house falls in love with the butler after he is made a lieutenant.
The History of Mr Polly (1949) on Wednesday at 10.30am. John Mills stars in this adaptation of the HG Wells novel. Alfred reluctantly uses inherited money on two big ventures.
Svengali (1954) on Thursday at 7.50am. Pretty young Trilby falls under the spell of Svengali, the evil hypnotist. Stars Donald Wolfit, Hildegard Knef & Jeremy Brett.
Rockets Galore (1958) on Friday at 11.10am. Stars Jeannie Carson, Donald Sinden & Roland Culver. Residents of a small island in the Atlantic resist their government's plan to make their home a missile base in this follow-up to Whisky Galore.

You deserve to put your feet up in the afternoon too.  Time for another cuppa and maybe a slice of cake with some fine film choices.
The Turners of Prospect Road (1947) on Monday at 4.50pm. Stars Wilfrid Lawson, Helena Pickard & Maureen Glynne. An abandoned greyhound puppy is trained to race after being found by a taxi driver.
Botany Bay (1953) on Tuesday at 4pm. Stars Alan Ladd, James Mason& Patricia Medina. In 1787 a wrongly imprisoned medical student is shipped to Australia on a ship commanded by a tyrannical captain.
Tread Softly (1952) on Wednesday at 12.30pm. Stars Frances Day, Patricia Dainton & John Bentley. A chorus girl investigates mysterious happenings at a theatre, in this musical comedy crime film.
Simon and Laura (1955) on Thursday at 2.25pm. Kay Kendall and Peter Finch are the eponymous couple filming a reality TV series about their happy lives. The trouble is, they’re not really happy at all.
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955) on Friday at 1.10pm. Stars William Holden and Jennifer Jones. A widowed Chinese-English doctor falls in love with a married American reporter in 1949 Hong Kong.

SHORT FILMS, Glimpses and NEW episodes of Look at Life

Nobody else offers the unique, and eclectic, range of short films that we do. These shorts may not always make it into the TV listings, so we’re highlighting them here for you. Make a note so as not to miss your favourites, or to set your recorders.
7.55pm. 1950s Kitchen Hygiene. An insight into the workings of a 1950s kitchen. Look out for dangerous Bacteria and dishcloths!
10.00am. BFI: Listen to Britain (1942). A depiction of life on the Home Front during the Second World War from acclaimed director, Humphrey Jennings.
12.05pm. Look at Life: Model World (1960). PREMIERE. A look into the different types of models that can be found all across Britain.
7.30am. Judge for Yourself.  Lost TV Pilot from the 50s starring the Honourable Goodwin J. Knight who introduces a real-life court case.
8.55am. Report on Litter. 1950s Public Information Film on the rising concern of litter at Wembley Stadium and in our parks and gardens. Take your litter home with you!
6.30pm. Look at Life: The Big Blow (1960). PREMIERE.  A look at the people and instruments that make up a brass band. We visit a junior band in Wiltshire and Yorkshire’s world-famous Black Dyke Mills band.
6am. Ave Maria. Filmed in Hungary in the 1940s. A very rare moving rendition from a Hungarian Opera star of 'Ave Maria'
7.35am. One Man, One Dog (1971).  An insightful film from Scotland Yard on police dogs and their handlers as they solve crimes in 1970s London.
5.50pm. Birmingham and the Road Patrol Bikes in the 1950s. We follow the annual Road Patrol from the BSA factory. Marvel at the side chassis and box carriers and follow the bikes to Exeter, Abroath & Belfast.
6.30pm. Look at Life: The Black Arrows (1960). PREMIERE. A look at the Royal Air Force acrobatic team 'Treble One Squadron' who perform extraordinary manoeuvres in jets that can reach more than 700mph.

8.45am. Look at Life: Under the Hammer (1961). PREMIERE. A look at the world of auctions and auctioneers, with a glimpse at the goods on sale and the people drawn to the sale rooms.
7.30am. 1950s Puzzle Corner. Incredible shots of London Airport, Coventry, The Coast with puzzles to solve - How many grooves on a 12-inch LP? When will the B.O.A.C plane reach New York?
10am. IWM: Tyneside Story (1943). The reopening of the Tyneside shipbuilding yards closed down by the Depression, with music from The Walker Shipyard Choir.
12.05pm. Look at Life: The Divided City (1959). PREMIERE. A look at the two faces of Cold War Berlin.
8.50pm. Look at Life: Thunder in Waiting (1960). PREMIERE. A look at the deadly cargo of the Vulcan Bomber, at the time a crucial part of Britain’s defences.

Tune in to the popular podcast for news, views and reviews of upcoming films and shows on your favourite channel. Click HERE to listen.
We do love hearing from our viewers and encourage you to send us your emails and letters. So many of us wrote to us after watching The Footage Detectives. Your messages were a mixture of helpful information and personal recollection, such as this one from Karen Griffin.
Hubby and I are really enjoying your Footage Detectives programme. Recently you featured in the programme an item on Seasalter in Kent. A lot of the footage seemed to be not in Seasalter. We could not see Seasalter in the footage at all except for possibly a bit of sea wall. I have lived near Seasalter most of my life and went there as a child a lot. There is one main shop called Walden's of Seasalter that has been there since I was a child in the 1960’s.
It is very muddy on the beach and it looks across to the Isle of Sheppey, where I was born. The footage is of a person’s holidays so I do appreciate that my actual Seasalter locations would be different to theirs. My dad took cine 8 footage of our holidays when we were young in the 1970’s, Margate etc.

Thank you for such a good programme. We are watching a lot of your programmes.
Thank you, Karen, for taking the time to write. You’ll be happy to learn that we are filming more episodes of The Footage Detectives. Keep your eye out for those!


Congratulations to Fran Mulholland of Stoke-on-Trent. A prize will be on its way to you soon. Last week’s answers:

  1. Margaret Lockwood and Roger Livesey appeared together in LORNA DOONE (1934).
  2. Lloyd Bridges’ son – BEAU BRIDGES.
  3. Dance with a Stranger singer – MARI WILSON

Thank you, as always, for all your support for Talking Pictures TV.
Noel, Sarah and Neill