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Dear Friends and Supporters of Film & TV History,

Only a few hours until this week’s episode of The Footage Detectives (Today at 5pm).  Mike and Noel are celebrating the work of the cinema projectionist. Hidden away in their boxes, these men and women made the magic happen for us every week. Then we’re off to Heathrow, back in the days it was still called ‘London Airport’ and BOAC was the national airline.

Hollywood legend, Joan Crawford, enters The Cellar Club this Friday from 9pm. See her in 60s horror, Straitjacket (1964), made not long after her success in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. The evening includes House of Whipcord (1972) and Revenge of the Zombies (1943). It’s one of the creepiest triple bills we’ve ever shown!

Sci-fi fans have much to enjoy in this week’s premieres. There’s 70s classic Futureworld, starring Peter Fonda, on Saturday at 10.45pm.  Before that, on Saturday at 6.10pm, X The Unknown pairs Oscar-winner Dean Jagger with Edward Chapman, ‘Mr Grimsdale’ himself, as a radioactive creature terrifies Scottish villagers.

Come with us back in time to the very early days of cinema, as our premiere, Gaslight Follies, next Sunday at 7pm, highlights the work of legends such as Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

There are still a few tickets left for our Weekend by the Sea in Christchurch on 16th and 17th July. We’re very happy to announce that actor, Julian Holloway, will be joining us for a look back at the career of his father, Stanley Holloway. Julian joins a roster of guests that includes Martin Clunes OBE, Derren Nesbitt, Melvyn Hayes, Caroline Munro, Mike Read, Sarah Miles. And our very own Noel Cronin 😉!!

Click HERE now to get your ticket before they all sell out.


The Pickwick Papers (1952). Stars James Hayter, Nigel Patrick, James Donald & Joyce Grenfell. A glorious, hilarious adaptation of the Dickens novel, with James Hayter perfect in the lead role. Mr Pickwick and the fellow members of his Pickwick Club have many adventures, some of which land them in trouble. Features a huge supporting cast of top British actors, from Kathleen Harrison to Donald Wolfit.

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Each week catch up episodes of some of the channel's best TV series are added (collected HERE), including The Outer Limits, Secret Army, The Saint, Gideon's Way, The Champions, Dial 999, Enemy At The Door and many more, as well as scores of feature films, Glimpses, Look at Life short documentaries and Talking Pictures TV Exclusives


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FOR THE WEEK 27th June - 3rd July

PREMIERE FILMS AND EPISODES FROM YOUR FAVOURITE SERIESTake your seats in the best cinema in the land for a great mix of films. There truly is something for everyone.

Dial 999 on Tuesday at 6pm. Stars Robert Beatty. The police struggle to find clues after a Paddington warehouse is robbed and the watchman killed. With Michael Balfour and Ferdy Mayne.

Assassin for Hire (1951) on Tuesday at 6.30pm. Stars Sydney Tafler, Ronald Howard & Katharine Blake. A distraught contract killer believes he has killed his brother and confesses to the police.

The Heritage Chart Show with Mike Read on Thursday at 2.05pm. Hits from your favourite stars from yesteryear, including live performances and interviews.

The Outer Limits: The Guests on Friday at 8pm. Stars Geoffrey Horne, Nellie Burt & Vaughn Taylor. A drifter enters a house occupied by a strange group of people. When he discovers the true nature of the house, can he escape? With Hollywood legend, Gloria Grahame.

X The Unknown on Saturday at 6.10pm. Stars Dean Jagger and Edward Chapman. A creature apparently made of a radioactive substance terrorises a Scottish village.  Hammer sci-fi directed by Leslie Norman.

Maigret: Murder on Monday on Saturday at 8pm. Stars Rupert Davies. A man who usually leaves for and returns from work like clockwork fails to return. Maigret must unravel his secret. With Sylvia Kay, Madge Ryan and Stratford Johns.

The Weapon (1956) on Saturday at 9.05pm. Stars Steve Cochran, Lizabeth Scott and Jon Whiteley. A boy finds a gun and accidentally shoots his friend. Believing him to be dead, he runs away. But it transpires that other people are also looking for the gun. Directed by Val Guest.

Futureworld (1976) on Saturday at 10.45pm. Stars Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner. Two years after the Westworld disaster and journalists are invited to the newly reopened park. Why are the park owners cloning world leaders? With a guest appearance by Yul Brynner.

The Footage Detectives on Sunday at 5pm. Mike and Noel take to the road, even if only tentatively, as they explore the world of driving lessons across the decades. Worried about tyre safety? Let some familiar faces tell you all you need to know. With a look at British car manufacturing during its glory years in the 1950s and 60s.

The Saint: Teresa on Sunday at 6pm. Stars Roger Moore. Simon is in Mexico and called on to help a young woman solve the mystery of her missing husband. With Lana Morris and Eric Pohlmann.

Gaslight Follies (1945) on Sunday at 7pm. Stars Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. Documentary feature which highlights the work of some of the greatest stars from the early days of Hollywood.

Secret Army on Sunday at 9pm. Stars Bernard Hepton, Angela Richards and Clifford Rose.  Monique faces punishment when it is claimed she is a collaborator. Kessler is identified by fellow German captives.

The Last Page (1952) on Sunday at 10.05pm. Stars George Brent, Marguerite Chapman and Diana Dors. A rare book dealer is blackmailed by a young woman. When she is murdered, he finds himself the prime suspect. Directed by Terence Fisher, his first film for Hammer.

SADDLE UP! – Wednesday from 3.05pm (Repeated on Sunday from 8.50am)
3.05pm. Saddle Up! James Stephens rides into town to introduce today’s great Western offerings.

3.15pm. When the Legends Die (1972). Stars Richard Widmark and Frederic Forrest. A young and rebellious Native American joins the rodeo. He is taken under the wing of a broken-down rider who takes him under his wing.

5.25pm. Saddle Up! James is back to introduce a star-studded television episode.

5.30pm.Zane Grey: Black is for Grief. Stars Tom Tully, Tom Tryon, Mala Powers & Mary Astor. A man returns from war to find his wife has been murdered. Investigating her death, he makes some surprising discoveries about the woman he loved. Introduced by Dick Powell.

6.05pm. Saddle Up! Before James rides off into the sunset

THE CELLAR CLUB – Friday from 9pm
9pm. ‘Scream Queen’, Caroline Munro, introduces three late-night classics.

9.05pm. Straitjacket (1964). Stars Joan Crawford, Diane Baker and Leif Erickson. The legendary Joan Crawford capitalised on her success in ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’ by starring in this piece of Grand Guignol from director William Castle. A woman who murdered her husband is released from an asylum after 20 years. It’s not long before the killing starts again.

10.55pm. The Cellar Club. Caroline is back to introduce a very creepy tale.

11.00pm. House of Whipcord (1974). Stars Barbara Markham, Patrick Barr and Ray Brooks. A disturbed woman presides over an institution for the ‘moral correction’ of young girls.

00.55am. The Cellar Club. Caroline is back to introduce our final Cellar Club offering for this week.

1.00am. Revenge of the Zombies (1943). Stars John Carradine and Gale Storm. A scientist is creating zombies and intending them to work on behalf of the Third Reich.

2.10am. Caroline returns to wish us farewell from The Cellar Club and give us a taste of what’s coming up next week.

9.00am. Looney Tunes: Have You Got Any Castles? (1938). Come with us to the library at night, a magical time when characters from its books come alive and interact.

9.10am. Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans. A newspaper editor is framed for murder.

9.40am. The Lone Ranger. Our hero must step in when an ex-prisoner impersonates a woman’s long-lost brother.

10.00am. Larry the Lamb in Toytown. The tale of Ernest the Policeman.

10.25am. Cry Wolf (1968). Stars Anthony Kemp, Mary Burleigh and Judy Cornwell. Made by the Children’s Film Foundation. Two children discover a plot to kidnap the Prime Minister, but will anyone believe them?

11.30am.  The Adventures of Robin Hood. A highland visitor to the outlaw camp is viewed with suspicion by Little John.


The Flemish Farm (1943) on Friday at 10.55am. Stars Clifford Evans, Jane Baxter and Phillip Friend. Wartime propaganda film, based on a true story of daring and bravery. A Belgian air force officer returns to occupied Belgium to retrieve their regimental colours.


Witness in the Dark (1959) on Tuesday at 4.45pm. Stars Patricia Dainton, Conrad Phillips and Nigel Green. A blind woman comes into close contact with her neighbour’s murderer and is unaware that she is likely to be his next victim.

SHORT FILMS, Glimpses and Look at Life
Nobody else offers the unique, and eclectic, range of short films that we do. These shorts may not always make it into the TV listings, so we’re highlighting them here for you. Make a note so as not to miss your favourites, or to set your recorders.


1.45pm. Look at Life: Everything Stops for Tea (1963). A look at tea, the national beverage of Britain. We follow its journey to our homes, from the London Docks to our teapots.

4.35pm. Guernsey in the 1970s. Travelogue of Guernsey. We visit St Peter Port and tour the island. Great shots of a typical 1970s holiday on a very special island.


11.40am. It Happened Today (1947). A road safety film made by the West Riding Constabulary. Narrated by Patrick Holt.

4.35pm. Centenary Express (1980). Highlights of a gastronomic journey from Yorkshire to London aboard a special train made up of vintage restaurant cars, and steam hauled, to celebrate a hundred years of train catering.

7.50pm. Look at Life: Char and Wad (1961). A look at the services of NAAFI as they supply the armed forces around the world.


7.35am. IWM: Tyneside Story (1943). The reopening of the Tyneside shipbuilding yards previously closed during the Depression. With music from The Walker Shipyard Choir.

6.10pm. Look at Life: Riding it Rough (1961). A look at the sport of speedway racing and how cross-country riding introduced the new hazard of man-made obstacles.


5.15pm. IWM: What’s the Next Job? Late Second World War film about finding employment after the end of the war. Stars Moore Marriott and Alfie Bass and directed by Roy Ward Baker.


7.35am. IWM: The Atlantic Community. Early NATO documentary profiling the United Kingdom. With commentary spoken by Robert Beatty.


8.45am. The Good for Nothing (1914). Stars Charles Chaplin & Charley Chase. A young man hires Charlie to care for his wheelchair-bound uncle while he spends time with his girlfriend.

7.45pm. Look at Life: Island at the Crossroads (1960). A look at plans to make the Isle of Man a tourist attraction once more.


4.45pm. The Last Day of Trolleybus 666 (1961). Documenting the last day in service of the 666 Edgware Trolley bus with brilliant shots of 60s Cricklewood, Acton, Colindale and Edgware.

8.35pm. Blue Pullman (1960). The 'Blue Pullman', a new diesel train between Manchester and St. Pancras, is prepared for its grand inaugural journey.


Live Now, Pay Later (1962)



 Stars IAN HENDRY, JUNE RITCHIE, JOHN GREGSON and PETER BOWLES in his first film role.

Ian Hendry plays a smooth-talking, conniving door-to-door salesman, whose sales technique involves seducing his female customers in order to persuade them to buy on credit. Unfaithful to his pregnant girlfriend, (June Ritchie), the unrepentant Albert is also cheating his boss, (John Gregson), out of profits. Live Now Pay Later is a dark comedy-drama, set in Britain as the Sixties began to swing and life on the never-never was all the rage.

The Radio Times described the film as “A remarkably cynical and revealing portrait of Britain shifting from postwar austerity into rampant consumerism and the Swinging Sixties.”

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We do love hearing from our viewers and encourage you to send us your emails and letters. This week David Gosney sent us a cutting from 1945 which he thought would amuse us all. Especially anyone who went to Saturday Morning Pictures.



It’s your chance to win a Talking Pictures TV prize, by answering the question below.

Q: Joan Crawford appears in this week’s Cellar Club in Straitjacket. Her final cinema film was made here in the UK. Can you name it?

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Congratulations to Patricia Taylor-Watson from Wakefield  who knew that Flora Robson was born in South Shields.

Thank you, as always, for all your support for Talking Pictures TV. Please keep spreading the word about us.

Noel, Sarah and Neill