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What’s on TPTV: Gordon Jackson in Daylight Robbery; The Brothers; Village of Giants; Ghost Stories for Christmas & Bournemouth fire brigade in the 60s

Join Melvyn with Melvyn’s Talking Pictures and enjoy: Eternally Yours (1939) starring Loretta Young and David Niven on Thursday at 3.10pm

Dear Friends and Supporters of Film & TV history,
With decorations in the shops and adverts on the telly, it’s clear that Christmas is just around the corner, but we’re already looking ahead to 2024! We’re excited to announce that the doors of Hammond Transport Services will soon be reopening as we screen classic 1970s BBC drama The Brothers from Monday 1st January at 8pm (and every Monday after that), starring Glyn Owen, Richard Easton and Robin Chadwick. We’ll have more details of this arrival soon, but remember to tell your friends and family that another vintage TV series is coming to TPTV!
As long time viewers will know, we’re all about Christmas traditions at TPTV (Bob has already been at the mince pies), one of which used to be the BBC’s A Ghost Story for Christmas, a staple of the festive period back in the 1970s. We’re delighted to be bringing them back this year, starting with 1971’s The Stalls of Barchester on Monday 11th December at 8.35pm and continuing with 1972’s A Warning to the Curious on Wednesday 13th and 1973’s Lost Heart on Friday 15th. We'll also have 1975's The Ash Tree on Wednesday 20th December, 1974’s The Treasure of Abbot Thomas on Thursday 21st December, 1977's Stigma on Saturday 23rd December and 1978's The Ice House on Sunday 24th December. On Christmas Day at 9.15pm we'll have the 2010 adaptation of Whistle and I'll Come to You starring the late, great John Hurt!
Other Christmas treats to look out for include a festive edition of The Footage Detectives, The Larkins Christmas Special, The Trouble With Angels starring Hayley Mills and Champions starring John Hurt, Edward Woodward & Gregory Jones, while over on TPTV Encore we'll have dozens of festive treats including films from the A Ghost Story for Christmas strand, Christmas Lights starring Robson Green and Mark Benton, Christmas Eve with Tom Baker and much, much more.
Worzel Gummidge arrived on TPTV last Friday, with fans of all ages tuning in to enjoy the adventures of everyone's favourite scarecrow. In episode two, A Home Fit for Scarecrows on Friday at 6pm, when furniture goes missing from the farmhouse and village, the children (Jeremy Austin and Charlotte Coleman) suspect Worzel (Jon Pertwee) could be the culprit. Co-starring Megs Jenkins, Mike Berry, Michael Ripper, this is another hugely entertaining visit to Ten Acre Field that will have you smiling from ear to ear! We’ll also be showing the star studded Worzel Gummidge Christmas special over the holidays, featuring Geoffrey Bayldon, Billy Connolly, Una Stubbs, Barbara Windsor and many more familiar faces!
Another family show that’s been a hit on TPTV is Fireball XL5, which returns for another ALL NEW EPISODE on Saturday at 3pm. In 1963’s Wings of Danger, to avenge the capture of their chief on Planet 46, the Plutonians send a robot bird to kill Steve with radium capsules.
In The Footage Detectives TODAY at 5pm we’ll be awakening some of those long-lost memories and asking how you used to keep warm during the winters of yesteryear. Was it paraffin heaters and coal fires? Or keeping the oven door open, and who remembers Letraset? Were you skilled enough to peel off the backing without ruining the letters? We’ll take a look at owning a car in the 1960s, the decade when car ownership in the UK exploded. And If you’ve ever wondered about the work of war correspondents, you won’t want to miss our footage of those brave journalists right there in the heat of battle during World War II. There’s also your Barbershop memories…
We've a number of new short films this week, including a visit to Bournemouth Fire Brigade in the 60s on Monday at 8.55am, two new Look at Life's - one that looks at the German army in 1960 on Sunday at 3.10pm and a lighthearted look at keep fit from 1962 at 6.30pm on Sunday - plus Peter Dimmock narrates a look at Britain's Vulcan delta wing bomber in 1959 on Sunday at 8.25pm.
We have another brand new three-part Crown Court on Monday, Thursday and Friday at 2.30pm, 1973’s Wise Child starring Nigel Havers, Terrence Hardiman and Derek Griffiths. This week, Raoul Lapointe (Griffiths) is facing criminal charges for attempting to obtain money under false pretences. Is he genuine or will he be proved to be a fraud?
Step into a world of romance and magic as part of Melvyn’s Talking Pictures on Thursday from 3pm. Melvyn Hayes introduces Eternally Yours on Thursday at 3.10pm, an enchanting 1939 drama directed by Tay Garnett in which Loretta Young is torn between her fiancé and a suave magician played by David Niven. Beautifully melding love, illusion and heartache, this Thirties gem captures the glamour of Hollywood's Golden Age.
Gordon Jackson and Ronald Fraser are among the top notch cast of 1964’s little seen Children’s Film Foundation gem Daylight Robbery on Saturday at 10.15am, in which three children accidentally lock themselves in a store and find themselves caught up in a heist next door. After a peculiar invention goes awry, a group of teenagers tower over their town in 1965’s Village of the Giants on Saturday at 3.35pm, a fantasy film promising a larger-than-life escapade.
Uncover a hidden gem in 1988’s Full Moon in Blue Water on Saturday at 10.05pm starring the legendary Gene Hackman. In this lesser-known drama, Hackman shines as a widowed bar owner whose life takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of a determined bus driver, played by Teri Garr. It's a poignant tale of finding new beginnings amidst life's challenges, showcasing Hackman's remarkable talent.
Then join a thrilling chase in 1961’s Boy Who Caught a Crook on Sunday at 3.30pm, in which Wanda Hendrix and Don Beddoe star in the tale of a young newsboy who becomes an unlikely hero when he stumbles upon a suitcase full of stolen money. A U.S. agent and a British inspector unite to crack a case of synthetic diamonds flooding the market in 1954’s The Diamond Wizard (aka The Diamond) on Sunday at 10.35pm. Starring Dennis O’Keefe, Philip Friend and Alan Wheatley, this crime thriller offers suspense and international espionage with a sparkling twist.
Billy Dainty, Clive Dunn, Liza Goddard, Yootha Joyce, Bernard Manning, Jack Parnell and Mike Reid are among Dick Hill’s impressive guest list on Tell Me Another on Sunday at 6pm.
Then in another new episode of Manhunt at 9pm, Vincent (Peter Barkworth), Nina (Cyd Hayman) and Jimmy (Alfred Lynch) seek refuge in a 'safe' house. But how long can they stay before the Germans start to catch up? In Sex Re-Education at 10.05pm Isabelle is traumatised when she catches her father and Rose in the act...
Finally, the TPTV Podcast crew is bringing back the FREE online quiz for one night only, from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday 6th December! If you know your Margaret Lockwood from your Margaret Rutherford and your James Stewart from your Sid James, then join the Talking Pictures TV Podcast crew for the online quiz that will test your film-loving mettle. There are prizes, too, plus lots of laughs. Just CLICK HERE to register your interest.
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Next week Sunday 10th December at 5pm
It's our 100th episode so we may just throw caution to the wind and share a cherry bakewell! This week we have been granted special access to the private archives of Peter Byrne...The Housewife’s Choice! That is Andy Crawford from Dixon of Dock Green to you and I! And what an archive we have to share with you all. Including some very special footage, scripts, letters, and wait till you see the wonderful Christmas cards sent to Peter and his wife every Christmas from Jack Warner himself. Honestly it's going to be a very special episode. There’s also your letters with memories of Alma Cogan, the grandson of Carry Grant’s teacher gets in touch, and imagine having a beer in a pub in Austria with Richard Burton and watching the rugby together? Once again - one man spots his mum and dad in one of our unknown reels and is that Eric Morecambe? We also ask did you have a pair of China dogs proudly on the mantelpiece? So do join us, literally for the 100th time.
Thanks to our packed schedule, we often schedule reruns of some of our most popular shows in late night slots that are perfect for those able to record them on their set top box (or Betamax player!). This week we have the second episode of the Bruno Cremer series of Maigret on Monday at 2am, in which Maigret is sent to the Belgian border to investigate the strange disappearance of a young woman. We also have the first episode of the second series of The Main Chance on Wednesday at 2am, in which David reacts when he hears what is planned for his children and a custody battle begins. Bernard Kay, David Lodge and Richard Hurndall co-star.
TPTV HIGHLIGHTS (27th November - 3rd December)
How do you plan your weekly TPTV viewing? Have you tried our specially curated TPTV Highlights for the coming week? You can find them HERE, including two films that are new to the channel. Zoom into a sci-fi showdown with 1965’s Atomic Rulers on Saturday at 12pm. This interstellar tale brings Starman to Earth, racing against time to thwart a planet-destroying plot. Packed with vintage special effects and cosmic battles, it's a retro journey to save our world.
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SHORT FILMS, Glimpses and Look at Life
Nobody else offers the unique, and eclectic, range of short films that we do. These shorts may not always make it into the TV listings, so we’re highlighting them here for you. Make a note so as not to miss your favourites, or to set your recorders.
8.55am. NEW! Bournemouth Fire Brigade in the 60s.
A fascinating short film about the fire brigade in Bournemouth in the 60s, with a glimpse of the operations within the fire station and a look at the critical duties of the firemen.
5.50pm. Look at Life: The Sky’s the Limit (1963).
A look at the aerobatics of the RAF and the civil flyers.
1.45am. Look at Life: What’s On The Roof (1960).
A detailed look at roofing in London and across the country, with a focus on traditional roofing crafts, various types of roofs for different buildings and how the work is completed.
3.50am. Look at Life: Woman Power (1960). Author and broadcaster Stephen Potter shows why no man should ever underestimate the spending power of women in modern Britain, with a look at women's influence on the retail trade.
5.30am. Star Performance: Marked Down (1952). Director: William A. Seiter. Stars: Ida Lupino, Sarah Selby & Lyn Guild.
A woman who works at a fancy dress shop is determined to meet and marry the millionaire whose office is next door.
9pm. Cinebox Memories: Pesci Rossi by Mina.
In this wonderful music video from the 60s, Italian singer and actress Mina performs Pesci Rossi.
4.55am. Cinebox Memories: Someone wants to know by Eden Kane.
Put your dancing shoes on and take a step back in time for Eden Kane's Someone ‘Wants to Know’.
12.25pm. BFI: Terminus (1961).
Drama. Directed by John Schlesinger. Iconic short of a day in the life of a London Railway Station.
2.50pm. What’s On TPTV with Noel (Ep3).
Founder of Talking Pictures TV and one half of the Footage Detectives, Noel Cronin, shares shows and films not be missed in the first half of December.
5.20pm. Call of the West (1947). Musical.
Western style musical revue show featuring the vocal talents of Spade Cooley, Tex Williams and The King Sisters.
7.45pm. Look at Life: Calling the Tune (1960).
A general look at music, the increasing popularity of classical music and the lack of composers.
7pm. R.J. Mitchell Aircraft Designer: The Spitfire Story (1998). Documentary.
The story of The Spitfire; from its inception to its triumphs in battle, and how the conviction of its designer R.J. Mitchell prevented it from becoming the plane nobody wanted.
1.50am. Bash and Grab (1965). Director: Barry Rutherford. Narration by: Valentine Dyall. Stars: Michael Goldie & Tony Taylor.
Excellent 60s Public Information film on the crooks and how crime doesn't pay.
4.05pm. Look at Life: Crossing the Channel (1962).
A look at why people from all over the world attempt to swim the English Channel.
6.30pm. Rhubarb (1969). Comedy. Directed by Eric Sykes. Stars Harry Secombe, Eric Sykes, Jimmy Edwards, Kenneth Connor & Hattie Jacques.
Every trick of gamesmanship or blatant cheating occurs in a round of golf.
4.50am. Look at Life: Glorious Mud (1960).
An entertaining look at the role mud plays in all of our lives.
8.50am. What’s On TPTV with Noel (Ep3).
Founder of Talking Pictures TV and one half of the Footage Detectives, Noel Cronin, shares shows and films not be missed in the first half of December.
1.40pm. That’s An Order (1954). Family.
Directed by John Irwin. Stars Peter Butterworth. Short comedy film about an inefficient grocer's boy and his passion for eating.
7.05pm. The London Nobody Knows (1967). Documentary. Directed by Norman Cohen. Stars James Mason. In the spirit of adventure and discovery, this offbeat and exciting film exposes the surprising and intriguing London of the 60s.
3.10pm. NEW! Look at Life: Return to Arms (1960). A visit to Germany to find out what kind of army the country is raising today, with a focus on the mountain troops and how they train.
6.30pm. NEW! Look at Life: Keeping Fit (1962). A light-hearted look at how people keep themselves fit.
8.20pm. A Lifetime Ago with The Baim Collection. Richard Jeffs, the Curator of The Baim Collection, talks us through the history & legacy of the collection and how Harold Baim became the Quota Quickie king.
8.25pm. NEW! Lifeline (1959). Narrator: Peter Dimmock. A detailed look at Britain's Vulcan delta wing bomber, including the training of a new crew and unique footage of three of the early Vulcan bombers flying in formation.
From the Phil Redmond daytime soap Together to the children’s comedy adventure series Rogue’s Rock, from the innovative serialised Dick Barton Special Agent to the Saturday morning entertainment of Runaround and onto the fascinating - and often very, very funny - collection of Dick Hills interviews with stars of yesteryear in Tell Me Another, plus many more favourites, the Southern TV Collection on TPTV Encore is perfect for TV fans of all ages. Visit the Collection by CLICKING HERE or by clicking the red button on your TV handset and searching for Southern TV.
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