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Dear Friends and Supporters of Film & TV History, 

What’s in this week’s newsletter?

  • All your premieres from 13th-19th September!
  • Pierce Brosnan and Gordon Jackson star in Noble House!
  • The Cellar Club with Caroline Munro  & more late-night classics!
  • Sunday at 12 The Footage Detectives uncover aonther lost episode of No Hiding Place!
  • Secret Army STARTS SUNDAY 26th September at 9pm!

The autumn season goes from strength to strength. This week sees superstar Pierce Brosnan takes the lead in the first episode of Noble House (Saturday at 8.35pm), one of the top mini-series of the 1980s, based on a novel by James Clavell. Hong Kong locations, glitz, glamour and probably some shoulder pads! Episode two is showing on Saturday 25th at 8.35pm.

Thank you to all of you who contacted us regarding The Footage Detectives. What a knowledgeable bunch you are! Noel and Mike are back this Sunday at noon with more fascinating discoveries from the depths of the archives. If any of them strike a chord with you, do let us know. The chaps will also be looking at a previously lost episode of No Hiding Place, which follows at 12.30pm, so don’t leave your living rooms.

On Friday at 9pm, you are once again welcome at The Cellar Club. Caroline Munro introduces films by two legendary directors. Terence Fisher was the man behind The Curse of Frankenstein (1957). The king of low-budget horror, Roger Corman directed the wonderfully-named Bucket of Blood (1958). You might want to keep the lights on!

Classic BBC series, Secret Army, begins on September 26th at 9pm. Mark it in your calendars, because this story of the wartime Resistance is one of the finest shows ever!

That’s just a taste of some of the premieres we have for you this week. Before we look at all of them, let’s make time for some FILM (AND TV) ANORAK FACTS.

  • Swallows and Amazons (1974) (Sunday at 7pm) was shot on location in the Lake District. One of the small boats used in the film has been restored by enthusiasts and is used for pleasure trips.
  • James Clavell, author of Noble House (Saturday at 8.35pm) started his writing career as a screenwriter. His first script was for The Fly (1958) and he co-wrote the screenplay for The Great Escape (1963).

Joan Greenwood, guest star on this week’s episode of The Main Chance (Monday at 8pm) planned to be a ballet dancer, but, happily for us, changed her mind and became an actor.


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Remember you can see the full schedule for several weeks ahead on our website. On the schedule page, just click on the dates for your chosen week. The first week you are taken to will be the current one, don’t panic just select the next week on the tab!

FOR THE WEEK  13th to 19th September

Take your seats in the best cinema in the land for a great mix of films. There truly is something for everyone.

Four Star Playhouse: Finale on Monday at 11.45am. Stars David Niven. An aspiring actor is hindered by his famous cousin.

The Main Chance on Monday at 8pm. Stars John Stride & Anna Palk. David must resolve a number of delicate issues, both personal and professional. With guest star, the legendary Joan Greenwood.

I Believe in You (1952) on Monday at 9pm. Stars Celia Johnson, Cecil Parker and Joan Collins. A retired colonial Civil Servant becomes a probation officer. A brilliant social issue film from Basil Dearden, made in a semi-documentary style and weaving together a number of stories.

Justice on Thursday at 8pm. Stars Margaret Lockwood. A solicitor helps suspects to buy witnesses to get them off. The police are determined to stop him, but will their tactics cause trouble for Harriet? With guest star, Raymond Huntley.

Noble House (1988) on Saturday at 8.35pm. Stars Pierce Brosnan, Deborah Raffin & Gordon Jackson. The first episode of this big-budget Hong Kong set mini-series, based on a novel by James Clavell. A pre-Bond Pierce Brosnan stars as the new head of one of HK’s biggest trading companies. Rivals are conspiring, though, to bring him and the firm down.

The Footage Detectives on Sunday at 12 noon. Mike and Noel's discoveries continue, and this week they look at Croydon Airport in the 30s/40s, a short from the 70s on the Ford Fiesta and a lost episode of No Hiding Place – Car in Flames.

No Hiding Place: Car in Flames on Sunday at 12.30pm. Stars Raymond Francis and Eric Lander. Superintendent Lockhart and the team are back, in an episode from 1962 long thought lost. With guest star, Peter Glaze.

Swallows and Amazons (1974) on Sunday at 7pm. Stars Virginia McKenna and Ronald Fraser. Based on Arthur Ransome’s classic children’s novel. In the 1920s, two rival groups of children join forces against their enemy. Filmed in the Lake District.

THE CELLAR CLUB – Friday from 9pm

9pm. ‘Scream Queen’, Caroline Munro, introduces two late-night horror classics.

9.05pm. The Curse of Frankenstein (1957). Stars Peter Cushing and Hazel Court. Classic Hammer Horror directed by Terence Fisher. Frankenstein recounts the story of when he assembled and brought to life an untamed monster.

10.45pm. The Cellar Club. Caroline is back for some spine-chilling fun. This time she introduces a comedy-horror film from Roger Corman.

10.50pm. Bucket of Blood (1958). Stars Dick Miller, Barboura Morris & Antony Carbone. A busboy finds accidental fame as an artist when he uses a dead cat as a sculpture. Imagine The Mystery of the Wax Museum set in 1950s California!


9am. Hog Wild (1930). Stars Laurel and Hardy. Stan helps Ollie try to erect a radio aerial on the roof of his house, with predictably hilarious consequences.

9.25am. Green Hornet Strikes Again. The Green Hornet confronts a shady warehouse owner.

9.55am. Sky Pirates (1977). Stars Adam Richens, Michael McVey & Bill Maynard. Smugglers steal a boy’s model aircraft and he and his friends devise an ingenious way to thwart their plan. Filmed around Wisley in Surrey and the seaside town of Selsey.

11.05am. Dick Tracy (1937). Stars Ralph Byrd & Kay Hughes. Master criminal, The Spider, puts the famous detective's brother under a hypnotic spell and turns him against Dick.

11.35am. The Phantom Empire. Stars Gene Autry. Frankie and Betsy are taken to Murania. Can they escape their captors?

The usherette has put the kettle on and there might be biscuits too. Settle down with our choice of daily pre-lunchtime classics.

Beauty and the Barge (1937) on Monday at 7.10am. Stars Gordon Harker, Jack Hawkins, Margaret Rutherford & Ronald Shiner. Ethel is taken in by a barge skipper to the fury of the widow he is courting in this delightful comedy.

Highly Dangerous (1950) on Tuesday at 10am. Stars Margaret Lockwood, Dane Clark & Marius Goring. Comedy thriller in which an entomologist travels to a Balkan country to investigate germ warfare.

The Perfect Woman (1949) on Wednesday at 10.30am. Stars Patricia Roc, Stanley Holloway & Nigel Patrick A scientist creates a robot woman but his niece decides to swap places with her.

Sailors Three (1940) on Thursday at 11.30am. Stars Tommy Trinder, Claude Hulbert & Michael Wilding. During WWII, three British sailors accidentally board an enemy ship, they then proceed to take control of it.

Kill Me Tomorrow (1957) on Friday at 9.20am. Stars Pat O’Brien, Lois Maxwell and Tommy Steele. Hollywood legend, Pat O’Brien, is a reporter offered money to take a murder rap. Tommy Steele makes his film debut as himself.

You deserve to put your feet up in the afternoon too.  Time for another cuppa and maybe a slice of cake with some fine film choices.

The Winslow Boy (1948) on Monday at 3pm. Stars Robert Donat and Margaret Leighton. When a boy is accused of theft, his father hires a top barrister for his defence.

Passport to Pimlico (1949) on Tuesday at 4.15pm. Stars Stanley Holloway, Hermione Baddeley & Margaret Rutherford. The residents of Pimlico discover that they are actually citizens of Burgundy in this Ealing classic.

The Fan (1949) on Wednesday at 1.55pm. Stars Madeleine Carroll, Jeanne Crain & George Sanders. Based on 'Lady Windermere's Fan' by Oscar Wilde. A misplaced fan causes havoc in Victorian London.

Doctor in Distress (1963) on Thursday at 2.55pm. Stars Dirk Bogarde, James Robertson Justice & Samantha Eggar. Dr Simon Sparrow's love life improves when a model is brought into casualty.

House of Blackmail (1953) on Friday at 12.50pm. Stars William Sylvester and Mary Germaine. A couple must solve the murder of a blackmailer in order to exonerate themselves.

SHORT FILMS, Glimpses and NEW episodes of Look at Life
Nobody else offers the unique, and eclectic, range of short films that we do. These shorts may not always make it into the TV listings, so we’re highlighting them here for you. Make a note so as not to miss your favourites, or to set your recorders.


8.40am. Jersey in the 1950s. A charming travelogue, filmed during a family holiday in beautiful Jersey.

7.40pm. Look at Life: Coming, Sir! (1964). A Look into the developing hotel industry and the problems that it has to face.


9.15am. Look at Life: Musclemen (1963). A Look into the world of musclemen in the army, including wrestling and weightlifting.

5.55pm. The Ideal Home Exhibition 1964. A short Glimpse of The Ideal Home Exhibition in the 60s. Amateur footage, filmed in colour.


7.40am. Your Local Council (1949). Educational short which shows how the Parish council and county council work together to ensure that a tree survives when a new pavilion is built.

6.30pm. Look at Life: Men with Ideas (1966). A Look into the inventors of today and how they go about getting their inventions accepted.


3.45pm. BFI: London Can Take It! (1940). Classic short documentary directed by Humphrey Jennings and Harry Watt. The effects of eighteen hours of Nazi Blitz on London and its people.


9.00am. Views on Trial (1954). Previously lost, highly unusual, short. Jimmy Hanley plays multiple roles in and out of the courtroom. Is he guilty of fraud?

11.55am. BFI: A City Reborn (1945). Scripted by poet Dylan Thomas, this short recalls the incendiary bombing of Coventry.

1.15pm. Look at Life: Flight Deck (1960). A look at how the aircraft carrier is now the central part of naval operations, with an appearance by the carrier Hermes.

8.50pm. Look at Life: The Ball at His Foot (1966). A Look into why football remains Britain's most popular sport. Contains lots of football stars from the clubs of the era.


This documentary is the definitive story of the club known as ‘The Cradle of British Rock’. The venue witnessed the birth of The Rolling Stones, launched The Who and many others.

The first Ealing Club gig took place on March 17th, 1962. This was the first London venue where electric blues bands played regularly. The Rolling Stones formed in April 1962 when Brian Jones met Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at the club. Other world-famous musicians who performed at the Ealing Club include: Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce (Cream); John Mayall; Eric Burdon (The Animals); Nick Simper (Deep Purple); Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness (Manfred Mann); Mitch Mitchell (The Jimi Hendrix Experience). Cream bassist and singer Jack Bruce appears in one of his last interviews and there’s a memorable contribution from his bandmate Ginger Baker.

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We do love hearing from our viewers and encourage you to send us your emails and letters. This week, Brian Green recalls for us a very memorable holiday.

Firstly, a big thank you for all the entertainment we get from Talking Pictures TV, I love it.

And now, my claim to fame, (sort of). When I was 12, we had our annual family holiday in Kingsgate, near Broadstairs in Kent. It was 1964 and a colleague of my Dad asked if his daughter, Sally, could come with us. She would be good company for my sister who was the same age 14/15. So off we all went. Unfortunately when we arrived at Kingsgate, my sister was not well at all. A Doctor examined her and said she had to have complete bed rest for a week.  Sally became my playmate. We played tennis, putting, football and went swimming at the beach. Sally looked after me every day for the week. I was besotted, she was very attractive. When we walked to the beach together we used to sing the latest hit by Herman’s Hermits, I’m in to something good, as a duet. Such happy memories. I always think of those walks to Joss bay when I hear that song. All to quickly the holiday was over and we came home. My sister and I didn’t really see Sally much after that as I think her Dad, Mr Geeson moved on to a different job. And that is my claim to fame, that I had a holiday with Sally Geeson for a whole week when I was young.

Thanks for sharing your memories, Brian. Even as a youngster, it seems, Sally was a striking presence. I will give her a ring and let her know! (Sarah)


It’s your chance to win a Talking Pictures prize by answering the three questions below.

Email your answer to Theprojectionist@talkingpicturestv.co.uk with QUIZ 12/09 in the subject line by 9am on Tuesday 14th September. A winner will be drawn from all the correct answers we receive. Please remember to add your postal address so we know where to send your prize!

  1. Pierce Brosnan, star of Noble House, was born in which country?
  2. The Winslow Boy (1948) was based on a play by which writer?
  3. Beauty and the Barge (1937) was directed by which former silent film star and character actor?


  1. Val Guest
  2. Nora Lofts
  3. Jack Hulbert

TONY SELBY (1938-2021)

We were very sad to hear of the death of the actor, Tony Selby. He was well-known to fans of Talking Pictures TV, thanks to his role in Get Some In. Whilst Tony was a master of comedy, he had a varied career, including appearances in the films, Alfie (1966), Poor Cow (1967) and The Witchfinder General (1968). He made guest appearances in many of the biggest TV shows of the last few decades, including Z-Cars, The Avengers, Dr Who, Eastenders and My Family. Talking Pictures TV sends its condolences to the family and friends of this much-loved actor.

Thank you, as always, for all your support for Talking Pictures TV. Please do spread the ward – and forward our newsletter to as many friends as you can 😊

Noel, Sarah and Neill