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Monster Monday

Monster Monday - March 14th on Talking Pictures TV

Monsters and Creatures like nothing you have ever seen before - RUN! Panic will sweep the entire nation, on Monday the 14th of March 2016



06:00 Night Caller
07:40 Gorgo
09:15 Monster From Green Hell
10:35 The Strange World Of Planet X
12:05 Behemoth The Seamonster
13:35 The Giant Gila Monster
15:05 Crater Lake Monster
16:50 Trollenberg Terror
18:30 Woman Eater
19:50 The Killer Shrews
21:20 Day Of The Triffids
23:15 The Beast Must Die
01:05 Beast in the Cellar
02:50 Stanley
04:50 Old Mother Riley Meets The Vampire