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Vintage Valentines Day

Vintage Valentines ALL DAY on Talking Pictures TV Sunday February 14th 2016

Join Talking Pictures TV for Vintage Valentines ALL DAY on Sunday February 14th 2016 on Freesat 306, Freeview 82, Sky 343 or Youview 82. See the full line up for the day below the video trailer.
Time Programme Synopsis
Sun 14 Feb 16 06:00 Her Lover’s Brother 1932. Western. Directed by Wallace Fox. Stars Edwina Booth, Duncan Renaldo & Dot Farley. An army officer is after a Mexican bandit, El Zorro, who he doesn’t know is his long-lost twin brother.
Sun 14 Feb 16 07:15 Girl Loves Boy 1937. Drama. A rich playboy (Eric Linden) falls for penniless Dorothy (Cecilia Parker) but rich Pop disapproves.
Sun 14 Feb 16 08:45 I’ll Walk Beside You 1943. Musical. Directed by Maclean Rodgers. John (Richard Bird) and Ann (Lesley Brook) meet through music but are parted by the war.
Sun 14 Feb 16 10:25 Hindle Wakes 1952. Drama starring Leslie Dwyer and Lisa Daniely. Successful remake of one of the earliest British talkies. Set in the Hindle, two mill workers take off to Blackpool for the ‘Wakes’ holiday.
Sun 14 Feb 16 12:10 Glass Mountain 1949. Drama. The classic tale of a war romance featuring the smash hit music of The Legend of The Glass Mountain. Starring Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray, with vocals from Tito Gobbi.
Sun 14 Feb 16 14:05 The Bargee 1964. Comedy. Directed by Duncan Wood. Stars Harry H. Corbett, Hugh Griffith & Eric Sykes. the film charts the course of love of a Casanova who lives and works on the canals, breaking hearts.
Sun 14 Feb 16 16:15 I Lived With You 1933. Drama. A penniless Russian Prince (Ivor Novello) is befriended by Ada (Ida Lupino) who takes him home to live with her folks. Co-written by Ivor Novello.
Sun 14 Feb 16 18:10 The Other Love 1947. Romantic drama. Seriously ill concert pianist Karen (Barbara Stanwyck) is admitted to a Swiss sanatorium, where she is attracted to the suave Doctor Stanton (David Niven).
Sun 14 Feb 16 20:00 Night Was Our Friend 1952. Crime Drama. Missing for two years, Martin (Michael Gough) returns home to his wife who is now with another man. Starring Elizabeth Sellars & Michael Gough.
Sun 14 Feb 16 21:15 A Special Day 1977. Drama. Starring Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni & John Verno. Two neighbours, a persecuted journalist and a resigned housewife, meet during Hitler’s visit to Italy in 1938.
Sun 14 Feb 16 23:20 Sextette 1978. Musical comedy starring Mae West, Timothy Dalton, Ringo Starr and Tony Curtis. Based on her Broadway hit, 87-year-old Mae plays Marlo Manners, a movie star who has just married her sixth husband
Sun 14 Feb 16 01:05 I’ll Turn To You 1946. Starring Irene Handl. A returning soldier finds readjusting to married life and civvy street very difficult. Stars Don Stannard & Terry Randall.
Sun 14 Feb 16 02:55 Broken Blossoms 1934. Directed by John Brahm and starring Emlyn Williams, Dolly Hass and Arthur Margetson. A Chinese missionary comes to England where he helps a young girl who is ill-treated by her father.
Sun 14 Feb 16 04:40 Incident in Shanghai 1938. Drama. An unhappy wife of the head of The Red Cross in Shanghai falls for a pilot (Patrick Barr). The pilot is wounded and the husband must operate.