Vendetta For The Saint on TPTV

Saturday 29th April 2017 – 16:00 CHANNEL PREMIERE (also showing Sun 30th April at 18:00) Director: Jim O’Connolly Starring: Roger Moore, Aimi MacDonald, Ian Hendry and Rosemary Dexter Simon Templar is on holiday in Naples when a small uproar on a lunch table draws his attention. An English tourist attempts to greet an Italian businessman as an old friend, but the Italian refuses to acknowledge the greeting and claims never to have met him. When the bodyguard of the businessman attacks the Englishman, the Saint intervenes and immobilizes the bodyguard. The Italians make their retreat and the Saint and the Englishman make their introductions to each other. The Englishman, Euston, claims that the Italian Businessman was his old friend Dino Cartelli. When Euston takes his leave, the Saint gives the incident no second thought until the next morning….

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